Pretty Pashmina

I think this is a revert sister called Nicole Queen who made a conversion story video on youtube. My sister has the same pashmina:D What a pretty one. It suits her well, mashaAllah. For how to wear a pashmina see this vid:

And here is Nicole's reversion/conversion story:


Majda said…
I want one lol.
Hijab Chic said…
Looking good! The colors remind me of a peacock :)
ellen557 said…
I really adore her hijabs. I don't have the link on me right now, but her myspace page has a lot of beautiful photos :)
markunda said…
Good morning.
I am writing from Spain.My name is Mariana.
Sorry for my english.

I want to ask you why not public thinks about the Islam like.

*The innocent died of Neda in Iran.

*The public anged people homosexuals(child of 16 and 13 years included)

*The anged guirls(minors included)cause not to follow somes precepts of Coran( Ateqeh Sahaleh 16 years old from Neka,Iran Assesination with the aprovattion of liders religious and boss of Suprem Cort of Justice.Her live and assassinaition is in youtube)According judge is because she has a shar´p-edge !!.)

*The control of police woman in Iran streets!The woman and her decisition oh hijab,the hair,the jeans and not abaya,the music walkman,the dresses colors .etc...Is only the world self of each woman.And her creativity?? And if I want to put my hair in green colours? and sing on the streets!! And my liberty ,the liberty of expressions of WOMANS?

*Why you put ONLY images of died people and children palestine? And The people and childrens jewish?
All are sons of God.

I dont understund How dont you speak about that things.

I am studied the Islam and arabie language and the Budhism, Hinduism etc..

And I broked the simbols and hijab because God is Nature and he/she is happy when I am happy thah the air is in my hair and when I fell him water of sea in my skin without burkini.
And not for this ..I am not good religiouse women.

I broked all simbols cause God is only..


Thank you for you attention and for to show you vision of Islam.

Kissed and Peace.
pretty mashallah i had 1 like this before i tend not to wear pashminas to much anymore....i might pull that 1 out inshallah! Wasalam
Pixie said…
Markunda aka Marianna: Good morning back at ya. This is totally off topic but I want to say anything done in Iran I object to. That country innovates on the salat, meaning they don't manage even the very basic pillars of Islam, and the Grand Mosque in the country they committ open shirk in, rubbing the tomb of a dead human man and then making dua (supplication) facing this awful thing. This makes one leave Islam (shirk) as it is one of the things that makes one associate partners with Allah. I don't doubt they kill children and women and gay Muslims before helping them, and that they enforce shariah and hijab wrong, and they show only dead children of Palestine on the news. This is all wrong, obviously.

And yes, God is love, but like the love of a parent, God wants what is best for us, and because of mankind it is not safe for us to totally show of our bodies in a provocative manner, in all places, at all times. I don't think not covering makes one a bad person, but I think it makes a person a naive/foolish person, to think that that alone is freedom and closeness to God. Your vision of Islam though sis, is warped. Dead children have nothing to do with Islam, but instead evil men.

I talked on these subjects many times on my old blog BM actually. It is not one-sided. The Muslims themselves our weak and ignorant, and only knowledge and truth and application of that, can truly heal mankind.
Aalia said…
whoaaaa lol i have NO idea what "markunda" was even saying!!!