Friday, June 26, 2009

A Qatari Catwalk

Beautiful designs but if you are going to wear your abaya open, you have to wear further jilbab underneath for it to be Islamic clothing. Watch out. Not all Ìslamic clothing advertised meets the requirements of the Qu`ran and sunnah.


Lisa said...

Are these traditional outfits that would be worn in say a Qatar parade, kind of like the Turkish outfits in a parade Pixie? I love the uniqueness of the one at far right. Love you dear.

Majda said...

I absolutely loathe how these designers seldom use local girls or brown girls in general as models. They all seem to be random Russian chicks who in all honesty aren't even that pretty. I guess pale skin is what really matters?

That aside. Lovely abayas. Very young and bright.