Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Islamic clothing for the Muslim Family - DesertStore.com

Modest Islamic Clothing by SunnahStyle.com


Tiaya said...

salam sister,
I found yr blog from a malaysian sister's blog. anyway, wonder if you'd like to feature my website in yr blog - it's new - just launched today! Check out www.theabayasouq.com

Jazakallah in advance..

:) said...


Just wanted to ask if you have any tips on how to wrap your hijab when you're going shopping for clothes and you have to keep trying things in the changing room? I have a bit of an aversion to al amiras but I don't want to keep having to re-wrap my shayla every time I try a new outfit! Thanks

Pixie said...

:) : I usually wear a pashmina in the Omani style (which I will remake a video of because it was hard for people to see) which requires no pins and is an on and off in a minute or less kind of style. Or I slide the clothes over my head and keep the hijab on. But I can usually tell if clothes fit me by just looking at them. I only have to try on things like tight jeans and bustier/ bra tops. I can usually do so with most of the women I shop with for them as well. I am very in tune with my body and what works for it, and how things fit. If you have intense on and off tyring on to do, I recommend the Omani pashmina wrap. I hate al amiras as a total style on myself too. They just don't suit me. or give enough chest coverage.

Anonymous said...

A'salaamu alaikum. Jazakallahu khair for posting the sale at Desert Store. I bought two abayas; the black with pink trim on the cuffs and neckline and then a plain hooded type. I am very excited to get them insha'allah. Maybe you should be getting a referral bonus? ;-)


Sr. Jeanna

:) said...

Jazakallah!!!!!!!!!! :)

Safiya Dafiya said...

Salaams. So I tried to order from Desert Store. I thought my order was placed - now several days later the email me like "oops sorry we can't find your order in our system - so you miss out on the buy 3 get 3 sale". Yeah I am not happy about this at all. I was trying to purchase like 24 abayaat for resale purposes. My friend did get 9 abayaat though so we are expecting those. I was just really irritated that some guy named "Daniel" just said "oops". I know a sister who ordered 76 abayaat from them with out a problem. Guess they pick and choose. I'm not happy with them at all. Their prices are too high as it is. For their prices, you can get a custom tailored garment from elsewhere.