Thursday, June 11, 2009

Salwar Kameez as... JILBAB?!!!

Salwar Kameez as jilbab?! Why Pixie, you told us a khimar a jilbab does not salwar kameez make. Why yes, alter-ego evil-Pixie, I did say that. Strap a hijab on the above and the pants still wouldn't be an overgarment less you wore another longer garment over top of it. But we don't want to hijde the detail of the pretty salwar!!!!!! cries fashionista Pixie (another of my alter-egos). And we won't, promises, make everyone happy (not really) Pixie:Just wear skirt over the salwar pants and under the salwar top----it's sooooooo easy. If the salwar top is not loose fitting enough to fit a loose (not mermaid CUT people!!!!) skirt underneath it, it isn't loose enough to be wearing in front of non-maharam men. Keep those cute salwar pants underneath and wear a loose shirt or tank (you undergarment). Do you like my cheap photo-shopping?:D


Almallena said...

Asalaam walikum
haha No I didnt like your photo shopping. I like the salwar kameez though.

Mishu said...

As-salamu 'alaikom~

Is that salwar kameez from a fashion spread, or somewhere retail? And if the latter ... where? :)

Amina said...

You are so cute hahaha. I loved your cheap photoshopping and the model is also cute. I love the dress on her.

Habibti said...

i love it its prettier with the skirt than the pant. and it is easy afterall to wear proper clothes. from what i understand ehhehe put a tank top underneath and skirt or pant and then put your whatever you call overgarment on. hehehehe i can be wrong too but thats how i see it

Anonymous said...

Pixie its beautiful
OMG i love ur blog
u make me think of new ways to wear clothes(out of the box kind of way)LOL
I love the way u come up wif new ideas
U noe i am the abayah kinda gurl
so i wear abayahs only
but its nice to wear something else on occasions.
i do have a few skirts Long skirts flowy kinds not the stick to ur thighs kind
but i cant wear them when i leave the house, cos for me i love the idea of wearing a shirt over the skirt (the shirt should not cover ur behind) and should be as snug as possible since the skirt is flowy aleady ) i hope u understand what i am rambling abt.
But since it does not fit the criteria of hijab i resort to only wearing it at family gatherings.
Now u gave me a reason to also wear it outside dear.

P.S some shalwar kamiz work as hijab cos they have very broad pants dunno whether u have seen it before or not, just ask for a picture link if u havent seen it:)
ill be more than happy to povide a link :)
LOL that was a long comment wasnt it?
hope u dont get bored

asmaa said...

i think your photoshopin was veerrrrry good !! hehe

Anonymous said...

As salaam wa alay kum pixie, I have to share this story with you :) very few women who are in their late teens and twenties that i know wear hijab...unfortunately the attitude is that if you wear hijab or niqab you are an old my laughing but sometimes one can only respond to these ideas by laughing. A friend of mine was insulted by a muslim lady who asked her if she was much older than my friend really is.I recall my friend's heartsore and sadness by this remarks and the only reason such a brash comment was made is because it is out of the ordinary for a younger lady to wear hijab.Some people do have the attitude that you have to be old to wear hijab! Dont get me wrong,there are sisters who wear hijab and niqab,alhamdullilah. Its just sad that attitudes and misguided ideas as this lady showed can actually have very bad consequences because it ultimately will discourage young girls to wear hijab.May allah forgive me but it was this very same ideas that stopped me from wearing hijab because as a young girl I was lead to believe that wearing the hijab is something only odl women do. Make dua for me pixie,inshallah i would love to wear niqab,and your advice on the matter has really made it easier for me to want to take that step :) raz,south mubarak

The reverts secret said...

Mashallah i love the photoshopped pic!!!

Pixie said...

Almallena: Wa alaykom e salaam ramatullah wa barakto. LOL. I use paint. Not even photoshop, so the results are USUALLY pretty bad.

Mishu: wa alaykom e salaam ramatullah wa barakto. I wouldn't have saved a link. Sorry!

Amina: LOL, thank you.

Habibti: exactly right:D

Baddora: The tops that you wear over your skirts have to be even loose than the skirt so that it doesn't stick to the skirt under it and then it is a halal way to wear it out:D As for salwar: if you are to follow the Qu'ran and the opinion of the companions one must where a jilbab---an overgarment, and even extremely loose pants (and i have tried it) do not make an overgarment (see this post:

Pixie said...

asmaa: LOL, jazzakallah kheiran:D

The Reverts Secret: jazzakallah kheiran. LOL.

Asma said...

Salaam! Good try on making a salwar kameez "jilbabi" :) If I could have your email address (or I'm not sure how I could give you mine, I put it in when I posted this) I could send you pics of more modest salwar kameez that you could work with (the picture you provided is actually not a salwar kameez, but rather called a churidar (churidar referring to the tight fitting pants) as well as other versions of salwar kameez from other regions of the world. It would be great to show how Islamic dress has evolved through the expansion of Islam throughout the world and how Muslims used their minds to create taseful, Islamic clothing. Also, are you familiar with other types of clothing invented by the Muslims of South Asia (such as laccha, ghagra, lehnga?) or the dresses of southeast asia (baju kurung, batiks, sarongs with kebayas?) Additionally, what about the M'boubou/kaftans of Africa? These were all introduced by Muslims during the spread of Islam. The reason for them becoming immodest in our modern times is because of the acceptance of these garments by non-Muslims that lived in the region, and the westernization of our clothing. I'd be happy to send some pictures to you.

Pixie said...

Wa alaykom e salaam:

Asma, you can email me at though I don't check that very often.

Pants are not an overgarment so no matter how loose they are they are not what the Qu'ran tells women to wear when they leave the home.

<3 Seedi-Sami<3 said...

looooovee it hahaaaa... im thinking i shall get my tailor to mek the dress longer so i cn wear it as a abayaa


Asma said...

I understand your stance on pants, but there are some pants tha are literally a skirt on each leg-you can't tell that it is pants even when walking. I'll try and send you some photos Insha'Allah when I get the chance.

Pixie said...

Asma: the Qu'ran commands jilbab. If the pant isn't a jilbab it isnt halal to wear out of the home in my opinion, even if it LOOKs like a skirt. Allah and you will still know that its not jilbab. Shukr has lovlely wide leg pants. 'veseepics nd even did a post onit. I just rest on the principle of what jilbab is. There is different fiqh on the matter I am sure, but none that I feel confident in. Sorry if that sounds like I am repeating myself, lol, butts why I don't think pants are hjab f out of the home (for salat in one's home-fine andotn practiced by me).

Pixie said...

<3 Seedi-Sami<3: That'd look so pretty on you!!!! Please postthe pics to inspire us in jilbabi-Pakistani styles!!!!!!!!! Cuz I love Paistani fabrics. LOL, you culd start a biz.....

*~Ange~* said...

it looks sooooo beautiful they way you fixed it up!

Habibti said...

assalamu alaykum pixie
i wanted to know hum if i wear a pant or pantyhose lol and a shirt underneath a skirt and a tunic. is that a jilbab? or the tunic has to be really longgg? and humm do coats count as jilbab? or they have to be really long?
i have coats of this length and i dont reallly know if they count or not.
i dont really have dresses right now maybe 2 0r 3. thats why im tryin to see what to do with my skirts and tunics. and humm does the tunic has to belong?
i have some this length
dont look at how they are cut lol. just the length

Anonymous said...

The picture you put at the top is NOT a salwaar kameez it is a churidar suit. The salwaar Kameez has large, loosefitting, baggy, trousers not tight ones and the top is loosefitting and about down to the knees usually.

Pixie said...

Akaal Moorat: I know that---- but alot of readers don't. I don't think anything "pants" is hijab because pants can't be an overgarment and thus are not what the Muslimahs are to wear. This was mainly to illustate how to hijabify the top of the salwar because you don't use the bottoms as hijab.

sarees said...

great knowledge you have given to me
thank you