Saturday, June 6, 2009

SUITCASE STYLINGS: visiting Grandpa in Scotland

For Boxie, a red jilbab with a cute sweater layered overtop and a hijab that she can wear as a fashion accessory when around her family. Red jilbab from for $84.95.


Anonymous said...

Shukr has great clothes but they are awfully expensive (for me anyway! ;-) ) I'm dreaming of some of their loooong and modest skirts!

Sarah Plain & Short said...

i love it, i think it suits her mashAllah

Zaenab said...

i love that red abaya!

Anonymous said...


Is that for a winter trip? I was in Scotland this time last year and it was warm. Not too warm, mind you, but warm enough that I wished I had lighter weight abayas with me.