Monday, June 22, 2009

Turkish Hijab Styles Pics

I often take inspiration from the colours and accessories of Turkish Hijab Styles, but I rarely wear Tesseteur fashion unless in the form of a Turkish or Jordanian jilbab and a chest-covering styled square (Turkish) scarf. Unfortunately, like in abayaat adverts in the Gulf, there are things about the outfits that often aren't Islamic hijab, like the scarf not covering the chest. I don't care if your clothing does , if I can still make our your cup size obviously you need a looser hanging khimar over top of it, because if I can make out your cup size, men definately can too. Yes, they should be lowering their gaze, but honestly ladies, hanging your bazookas out makes women who are not attarcted to you stare too, so imagine the poor trying-to-be-pious fellas?Also, what's up with them belts? Muslimas DO NOT define their hourglass silloughette when they leave their homes. If you are making curves, you are not wearing hijab.See, in this pic, because the hijab is styled tucked in, I can see her breasts, clearly as if she were naked. I know that sounds picky, but me, I love the outfit so... I am just styling it how it would be Islamic to wear it in my mind. The sleeves on this last shot are so pretty. I really love the background with it. Very DC Muslimah on the hill right? LOL. Anyways, ladies, no thermal tees in tight stretchy anything, no clingy jersey, no belts, and cover your chest with your hijab, and then there's nothing left to complain about, about your beautiful outfits, mashaAllah.


star said...

hi all,

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Jazak Allah

Pixie said...

Amber: Thank you sister of the book:P

BTW, LOVE your niqab.

Ayan said...

I also love this style of hijab, when the hijab is draped over the chest.

btw sis I try to leave comments on your other blog, but for some reason it won't work :'(

Pixie said...

Ayan: it should work now... Try and let me know and I'll see.

Suslique said...

assalamu aleykum
it is very easy to cover chest even wearing tucked in turkish hijab, just add a neck scarf! you can even tie another plain coloured square hijab around your neck so that the triangle covers your chest.

Anonymous said...

Assalam alaykom Sister
First I would like to add that the turkish hijab style is stunning, I really love it. Adding a cardigan, and the problem is solved. Secondly the men are supposed to lower their gaze indeed, but after all we are women, We do have breast, doesnt mean we are supposed to show em' but hiding them completele.. we rather use a belt to tide them in..I can't them through that jacket, impossible..she's dressed formal, not too much skinn showing.
Jzk sister

/Isabelle, proud to be a woman and muslim