Thursday, July 9, 2009


Cute maxi for $15.00 USD.

Extra Long Golden Brown Niqab for $24.99 USD.

Slouchy Korean Sweater

What I'll be wearing if I ever head back to Uni.....


Lisa said...

The suitcase/backpack is so funny!

Oh you will look so pretty Pixie. The shirt is really classy especially.

Inshallah you'll go to uni again-you have to as it is the PERFECT place to wear niqaab, no one gives you headaches about it habibty....

Those gloves are so long though, are you sure you'd want them that long :) Love you so much!

Anonymous said...

oh i just LOVE baggy/loose sweaters! I steal my husband's all the time, lol - he's almost a whole foot taller than me so pretty much all his sweatshirts/hoodies etc go down to my knees. I love it :P

Yay for Uni! I'm looking at graduate programs myself...apparently I can't handle the idea of not being a student o.O


Precious Muslimah said...

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Wa Salaams

Jamilah said...

I'm going back to Uni... but all online! No worries. If I went to ground school (as they call it) I'd just wear my regular abayas and niqabs... nothing fancy for me.

yanik said...

I believe that 1st I must say (to you & to your reading ones) that I'm the catholic & mexican girl, for I tell you with all respect.

I have met your blog & it has seemed to me to be very interesting, & a great opportunity since I have curiosity on Hijab's use and the similar articles.

In my country every time we see more women with these articles, & well I admit that they give me curiosity, but, I never dared to ask

So, I hope that you could answer your me, warn that maybe they should look like to you very silly questions, but, he remembers that I'm western.

Is it inconvinient to use the hijab? On having used it come well? Does not it limit his movements?

I wait could speak to me in the matter.