Sunday, July 5, 2009

Beautiful Apple Green Abaya and another online resource

This is amazing! A light weight fabric abaya in gorgeous apple green for US$74.90 . I want it!!!!!!!! I have shopped on three occasions from and always get my merchandise. Shipping is expensive and takes a while (the company is based in Egypt), and some of the abayas are for colder climates (Canada, most US states, ect) but ones designed by Sona are nice and light and come in beautiful bright designs. Here are some other pretty abayaat I like:
for US$64.90. for US$64.90. for US$64.90
This abaya is a perfect shade of summer blue, and has beautiful over-lapping ribbon detailing mid-rib cage and ties at the back so that the design flows out. Available here for US$67.90 .

And here are some of their designs worn on the runway (warning, contains piano and chords i.e stringed instruments):


Majda said...

My hope in colored abayas has been restored.

I avoid buying them for a reason- they generally suck.

Coffee Catholic said...

OHHHHHHH!! Yeah! I love it when you feature awesome abaya from places that sell plus-size!!

I went and snapped up that apple green work of art! I love the color, the way it's bunched-in-crunged... I've just totally given up on any other kind of dress and I'm going for abaya and kaftan.

I wanted the blue one as well but I must restrain myself LOL! Especially after hitting up Desert Store with their buy-one-get-one-free. I bought 6 black abaya because I really need some elegant black. Most of them have a bit of color and I think one is solid black.

Melissa said...

Yes, I love that green abaya/dress. It looks really beautiful. Though I do wonder how it looks in person, you know? I've ordered from before and am pleased with my stuff.
I like that one with the pink and the flowers, but I'm not a fan of designs on the back of the abaya..

Stephanie said...

I've always really liked both 2 hijab and islamicboutiques abaya's but have never ordered from them cuz it get's a little pricey esp. after you add in the shipping. Maybe some day when I just have an extra pile of money laying around...sigh.