Cafe Society--to Jum'a

This is an old set I made. I love the niqab and abaya, and I'd wear with with brown flats to the masjid, and cute brown brocade flats after (I'd also do a purple patent kitten heel) lol, but I am too lazy to remake my collage. The abaya was from IslamOrient, and the niqab was from ebay.


Coffee Catholic said…
I love brown! But I can't walk in heels because my bad ankle gives out and I fall on my face. No joke! I did so shortly after moving here ~ went flying through the air, landed on my face with the back of my skirt up over my head. (And it was a long skirt!!)

So brown, sure. Heels? No way!

(I finally figured out how to use Polyvore. YAY!!)
Almallena said…
Asalaam walikum wa rahmatullah,

Man thats lame that that niqaab is from ebay, I really like that niqaab a lot and I want it. But I'll admit I'll probably tear the string part off, its too mask superhero for me, but I love how it draps down.
Coffee Catholic said…
Islamic Botique (spelling?!) has brown niqabs like that. Only I think they might be a bit darker.