Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I LOVE GRAY: an alternative to the black abaya

This sister's grey shayla is sooooooo pretty. Gray is such an easy color to wear. As versatile as black (it goes with most other bright and light colours---just not brown or tawny earthtones) I don't know why I don't see more sisters wearing it.
Here is how I'll wear the shade, inshaAllah, when I get back from the Gulf:


Coffee Catholic said...

Grey is one of my favourite colours!

Majda said...

lol @ Haifa hijab.

BTW, you know I love your blog to death but I've come to realize that you focus almost entirely on Arabian fashion with the occasional Turkish scarf thrown in here and there.

I'm not gonna be like recent attacks on you that claim you're wannabe Arab because I don't think that's the case at all. I personally prefer Khaleeji and Egyptian fashion myself.

I just think it'd be cool to idk... Diversify?

It'd just be pretty interesting to see what the rest of the world has to offer.

The reverts secret said...

Salam sis mashallah i think i might hav to invest in a grey abayah after this post lovely!!

Pixie said...

Coffee Catholic: I've always loved it.

Pixie said...

Majda: LOL, yeah, I know.

The focus on the blog is on things that can be worn as proper hijab so it is always gonna be khimar (as in Islamic hijab) and jilbab (alot of the jilbabs I feature are designed by London-based Pakistani designers)... Which isn't Arab. It is Islamic. If you find any good pictures of this kind of hijab worn by sisters other than arabs:D please leave a link. I just find other clothing too tight, or pants, ect... and according to ahadith, aren't what we are to be wearing...

Pixie said...

Stephanie: It'll be my first niqab in a shade other than black.

hannah said...

Salam! :) I too was inspired by this post. I've been considering ordering a plain abaya from Islamic Boutique for the summer, but I wanted a light color (to look less scary to non-muslims!! hehe). After reading this post, I decided gray IS very pretty and versitale, so I will get grey! :D Inshallah the abaya will fit well!

Nurhannani said...

Salaam Pixie,

My apologies, I do not know how to contact you as I could not locate yr email add. I would like to seek your permission to be linked to your blog. We do retail and supply of affordably priced abayas and hijabs (with worldwide shipping).

Appreciate if you could assist... If you are able to display our banner, we will be more than overjoyed! Please email me back for the banner codes.

Jazakallah for helping another sister's budding business :-)
May Allah bless you for your good deeds.

Kind regards

Umm Kadhim said...

Assalaam aleikoem

I often mix grey with pink. I think it's a lovely combi.

wa aleikoem salaam