K, so I was looking for wedding thobes...

So I was looking for wedding thobes (Daglah), and I found this crazy site which sells designer thobes, so let your Muslim men know about it:P http://www.lomarthobe.com/shopping/index.php So if you wanna buy him something for Eid... ya know.


Majda said…
I loooooooooooove me a man in a daglah. <3

ahhh, I love them!!! I wish my husband didn't hate "dressing up" though, ughh men! lol
But be careful, some of them are oddly made with silk so be sure of the material before you purchase it
Sakeenah said…
ooooo pretty thobes! i know what to buy hubby for eid now :D
Pixie said…
Lazeena: As salaam alaykom ramatullah wa barakto sister, jazzakallah kheiran for pointing that out to me!!!!!! Waahhh. Ladies, just to let you know, it is harraam for men to wear silk and gold.
ohhh i likey :D mashAllah beautiful desings. hubby would never wear :( hmm i should put this on my list of duas :D
Maverick said…

Nice threads they got there.

Just wanted to point out that there is a well-known opinion amongst the scholars that when it comes to silk for men, if its in minor amounts AND it does not touch the skin, its allowed. So for example, in a suit jacket part of the lining might be silk. Or more commonly, silk ties. In both cases they dont touch the skin and are minor parts of the dress item overall.

Gold on the other hand is fairly haram outright for men, the only exceptions I'm aware of is for medicinal use - because gold is an inert substance and doesn't cause any undesirable reactions with tbe body, so its allowed for use in stuff like dental implants, or surgical instruments, etc.

Tell your husband that if Allah ta3ala has blessed him (and you) with a certain amount of wealth, then it should be seen in moderate amounts on him. I don't mean ostentatious and excessive finery, but if he has a $60K/year job, he should dress like it.

I hate it when guys dress sloppy. I go a bit superficially overboard though, I'll even criticize a Muslim or non-Muslim stranger in public for fashion faux pas such as wearing his tie too short [it should reach your belt buckle] or for doing up all three buttons on a three-button suit [the bottom button must never be done, its always left open.]

My husband wanted to have one custom made in Dubai, but we ran out of money ;( They are amazing.

I just gave you an award on my blog by the way. I really love what you do on here.


I was also wondering if you could send me an invite to view Beautiful Muslimah.

Assalaamu Alaykum.
UniMuslimah said…
Salaam alaikum,
I love it when I see a Muslim brother rocking a nice thobe and a clean beard (those things aren't meant to hold onto food to snack on later, lol). I know not all guys like them... but they look sooooo good!

Thanks for posting the site, I'll pass it onto some of my married friends, insha'Allah.

Pixie said…
Majda: me too! My husband laughed and said, not happening. Though he WILL wear a thobe in the Gulf. Occasionally. He never really wore them there anyway.
Pixie said…
Sakeenah: your husband would look so cute in them:P
Pixie said…
Sarah: lool we should get them together. Arrange a play date.
Pixie said…
Maverick: I'd avoid it. Scholars allow alot of things that the Prophet sallalahu alahi wa salaam DIDN'T.
The Gori Wife said…
Salam - Wow, those are beautiful!
Pixie said…
Stacy aka Fahima: wa alaykom e salaam ramatullah wa barakato,

Beautiful Muslimah is closed permanately. I am slowly puting all the old content on this blog. I will delete it when all the stuff is on here:D

Sorry! But no one but me has access to it.
Pixie said…
UniMuslimah: wa alaykom e salaam ramatullah wa barakto, LOL.
Pixie, its weird to call u that btw :D yes we should get together for coffee. maybe next week? just email me or call me
Ayan said…
I nice look! I thought you're husband wanted to wear a suit did he change his mind?

btw I tagged you over at my blog, hopefully you're willing to share! :)
Pixie said…
Sarah: LOL. Sure.
Pixie said…
Aynur: yes, but we are going to have a day where we take pictures for our families and in that one I am trying to get him to wear a daglah:P He doesn't want to.
Om Rawda said…
I just have a question , why muslim men have to dress like Arabs?? why would wearing a thobe make him a more practicing muslim??
Umm Kadhim said…
Assalaam aleikoem

Love the clothes!
@ Om Rawda... You're right when you say it doesn't make a man a more practicing muslim. My husband never wear these kind of clothes. I think a man is free to wear wathever he likes. (but nopt to tight, short clothes ofcourse)
Pixie said…
Om Rawda: A Muslim man just has to wear modest clothing and a beard, but the sunnah dressing isn't jeans and a t-shirt, lol. And WHERE in this post did did it say man HAD to wear thobes?????? It didn't. But my husband IS an Arab. THOBES ARE his traditional clothing. And they are very modest. The Prophet sallalahu alahi wa salaam told men to cover more of their bodies if they were able to, i.e it is best to in many narrations. That is, if they could afford the clothing.