Friday, July 24, 2009

Pixie is going nude.... Not really:p: a beige niqab

So I recently purchased a forest green flip niqab from this site and because they were late shipping it out, they included a free beige niqab. I am going, hmmm, I would never have thought to order a beige niqab. How will I wear that? I wondered, and then I was like, well nude was a BIG trend this spring, so I can add turquoise accessories like Sandra Bullock, or nude patent pumps and little (teeny bit) of sparkle like Eva Longoria. Mauve would look nice too. Actually, it was nice of them to throw in a spare niqab. BTW, know that, in restaurants too, you are welcome to screw up Pixie's order any time if her dinner comes free:D
I could rock it with pink pumps---champagne satin----cherry red. LOL, anything so long it is not as see-through as Angelina's beige number, or as tight as Mariah's usual style (and this is the most modest I've SEEN Mariah in a long time). Go beige niqab, go. Fly to me, from across the seas:D


Sarah Plain And Short said...

As salam aleikom,

hat is the worst pic. of Angelina, seriously what r these ppl thinking when they get 'dressed'?? ...astfirgullah

Ne wayyysss really like the colour, can't wait to see it on ya inshaAllah :))

Hijab Chic said...

I love nude, I would wear it with turquoise, or ivory and some bling bling or with burgundy!

BTW, I've always wondered what's the deal with Mariah Carey, why are all of her clothes at least 3 sizes too small?

*~Ange~* said...

love the set you made