Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sporty Spice: Abaya and Hijab Set

I was shopping for hijabs and I found this fab grey shayla that so perfectly matches my grey workout jilbab. Shayla available for $7.90 USD, and not only does it come with they grey and black hijab, but is comes in a set of three. I like the lace up pink one too, and it is too pretty for the gym. These are great sets for the sister looking to increase her hijab drawer. Three hijabs for ten dollars USD? I'm all for that.
Grey workout jilbab from for $30.99 GBP.
JUST A NOTE FROM MYSELF, when working out, I wear modest fit pants and wear a jilbab over. I cut my jilbab so that is has a side split so that is allows my movements, when running or rock climbing (which are two sports I personally do regularily). As for hijab, I tend to wear a stretchy al-amira made from swim suit material and I pin my shayla over top, partially tucky the back portion of the shayla into my clothing, and pinning the front portion with saftey pint so that id doesn't fly off my chest and over my face. Niqabis advise doing the same thing with niqab---pin it to the chest to prevent it from flying up in action.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to ask how you would modify your clothing when rock climbing with a harness...I wear hijab, but not abaya; most of my clothes are longer tunic things and loose jeans...I was thinking of basically wearing a kameez (like the Pakistani/Indian traditional top) and then pulling the back out over the harness to cover my tush, since the harness really frames it. What are your thoughts?

Also, I just came across your blog, and I think its fabulous!


Anonymous said...

Salam again,
I've been reading quite a bit on the whole pants not being hijab thing, and while I agree, I honestly don't feel comfortable AT ALL in skirts. I am a bit of a tomboy and routinely climb trees etc, or run in the park spontaneously, and I have just never taken to skirts because you have to be so very attentive with them. I don't know all of the different types of jilbabs, so what would you recommend so that I'm covered but also still mobile and free?
Jazakallah again!

Almallena said...

My mommy doesnt want me to go running with my niqaab on :(. I want to go running, ah....I need a running partner. Gosh that would look weird running outside with an abaya and niqaab on. lol

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Thanks for sharing where to get a nice workout jilbab. I've thought about getting one of these for awhile, because I think I would end up wearing it more than I would a regular jilbab or abaya. You're good at subtly encouraging other ladies to dress right!

hannah said...

assalamu alaikum,

sorry if you HAVE already done this, but i wanted to request a post on different exercise clothing options for h/niqabis! at the moment when i go running, i have a pair of pants that i wear but i am always wishing my shirt were longer to cover curves better!! if only there was a women's only gym near me! *sigh*