Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Street-Heat Abaya

I know it is ironic, but I find the fabric of my black abayas are always lighter and cooler than my coloured ones. No matter what brand, unless you sew your own, they just don't make the coloured fabric abayaat the same quality as black abayaat from the khlaeej. And I don't wanna be hot. So in the summer I usually opt to wear shorts under my abaya (unless I am visiting women, then I wear a long skirt or at-least capri length pants) and a tee or tank, and cover up with a quality fabric black abaya. I have a plain black abaya which is a wardrobe fave, since I get to mix and match it up with 'bout everything I have. An oversize black bag from Suzy Shier ($25.00 CAD) and python-print gladiator sandals (I post heels in my collages but don't encourage you to wear them---they look more visual in a collage but in IRL under the hem of an abaya a heel or a flat the fat looks the same and is close to what the sahaba would have worn). With some cute costumer rings (love fake emeralds) :D and a bottle of water, I am good for hitting the streets to make it out on all my errands and sight-seeing:P

Plain black abaya from (just cut off the tassels). I LOVE THE WEBSITE it is from, btw.


Aalia of Abu Dhabi said...

Almost $50 for a PLAIN BLACK ABAYA?!?! Uh-uh!!

Here in Abu Dhabi I can get the same one (same if not better quality) for 50AED (about $15-17).

Coffee Catholic said...

I'm still waiting for my black abaya to arrive from Desert Store.

I was soooo against black abaya for a long time because I thought them "too severe" but now I see they can be very elegant!

Now I have to learn how to accesorize. :-)

Anonymous said...

assalamu alaykum, i LOVE this blog, it's one of my favourites.

I really want that plain abaya from sunnahstyle but i'm wondering if its really worth it. can you tell me about the fit, i know the size 52 is like 49 inches wide at the bust and i'm extra small so don't know if it will fit nicely or if it will look like i'm wearing a tent. I REALY like the sunnahstyle fabrics though. Do you think I should buy this .. how does yours fit you? is it as nicely tailored as their butterfly abayas?


Pixie said...

Aalia: alas, over here, that price is not what they are going for here.

Pixie said...

Coffee Catholic: I love my LBD:D

Pixie said...

Najah: yes, the plain black abaya fits me nicely and I am petite, but if you have any questions about sizing, email the sisters at Sunnah Style your measurements and see what they recommend for you.

Pixie said...

Anonymous: my policy here is to not post any anonymous comments that are not signed within, but yes, it is permissable to wear shorts, and no, my abayaat have never blown up on me, exposing my legs. I wouldn't wear shorts with an open cut abaya though, and we have to be careful how much of our leg we expose at other women as well, when we go visiting them.

Sarah Plain And Short said...

it's like the little black dress :P

shorts and abaya..i have never thought of that!