Saturday, July 18, 2009

Turkish Abiye

Personally, I take inspiration from Turkish hijab fashion, and find it cover okay, but it is always too tight. Love the colour of the yellow abiye on top though.
Another thing I (personally-not Islamically) don't like is boleros. They do the jobb, sure, but make a young woman look matronly. I just don't have a thing for them. Boleros and Pixie are NOT attracted to eachother.
This one, the cut AND colour is fabulous. And it even has a bolero (which I would reject, and only wear the dress:P) with a loose cardigan and more chest covering hijab.
Turkish take on the maxi.
I love the yellow hijab.
The print is definately zany enough for me but the cut is tight tigh tight. Colour and print, soooo cute. Tightness=hijab crash and burn.
This is my favourite look of the collection, and it also has a bolero. Which means, I personally, wouldn't wear any of it (as previously explained) but this would look on another sister. The last look is very pretty.


Nawal said...

I agree i like the last one best, the sister in the zany blue needs to be careful it looks like she is about to bust out

AlabasterMuslim said...

wow i never realized how pretty long dresses like that would go with a scarf. but omg the first picture of the girl in the green kinda scares me :( she looks pissed lol. like she is about to start growling....

julaybeeba said...

I agree about the bolero making one look much older then they're age, but i really think it depends on the bolero as well, in any case i think the last outfit is stunning in its entirety

Coffee Catholic said...

I love flowy dresses so I'm not all that into tight clothes.

boleros are a bit too much "mother of the bride" for me.

*~Ange~* said...

thats one thing about turkish fashion - the clothes are tight and the hijabs are never quite long enough.

Melissa said...

Yes, I also think that the Turkish clothing is too tight. I found a jilbab I liked in Turkey last year, it was loose! And it looked nice. And the sales girl put it back, saying something that it was for larger women, and wasn't my size.