Wednesday, July 22, 2009

UPDATE @ what's going on at ILOVEHISHMA

So me and my husband have been talking and I've decided to start wearing niqab as soon as my job for the bank I work for is over. InshaAllah, my husband is worried for me, but he supports me, lol, even if he thinks it is mustahaab, rather than wajib. Alhamdulilah. Don't worry! I still love hijab fashion and will keep posting on that, inshaAllah:P
I have also been asked to be interviewed about niqab and the role of the munaqaba in Islamic and Western societies, to inform and break down stereo-types, and talk about key issues like integration, a woman's right to chose hijab, protecting women from anyone who would force them to it (their compulsion should be to Allah subhanhu wa ta'ala and NOT any mortal being is my take on it), ect.... So InshaAllah something good will come of that.
And after Eid I shall be reporting from UAE, and other Gulf countries:D Boxie and I will be making more style videos for ILOVEHISHMA, inshaAllah, and it'll be so much fun:p Also, lol, you'll have to visit our online souq, when th website is posted:D
Sorry if I have been so busy, not posting comments or responses to the comments like I do usually, like within five hours of them being made. I haven't even answered alot of friends' emails. SO I have alot of requests, especially for Jum'a Thoughts, issues ranging from the ayah in the Qu'ran often taken out of context to be read "beat" a woman, to slavery, and an illustrated guide to jilbab that has been in the works a long while. Since these posts require alot of research (and often of a classic Arabic grammatical nature), bear with. They take me some time to make clear and in-offensive. When I rush them, lol, someone always gets offended. I am also working on my civil ceremony wedding for my parents to attend, and that's been great and crazy, and booking flights and playing around with itinerary and our budget has been a greta maze of delights. So please bear with. More fashion is coming your way inshaAllah, and as we all prepare for Ramadaan, more Jum'a Thoughts.


Aïsha said...

Salamoualeikoum wR wB sister, MachaAllah mabrouk for niqab! I think about it too but it's not really the good time (in France lol). Rabbi yssehelek InchaAllah!

ModestJustice said...

Asalamu Alaikum sister! Wow what a great whirlwind in your life, masha'Allah :D And about my previous question(s) if takes your time and effort than please do not bother, you have a lot going on and I really don't so I can just ask the Imam at my masjid but thank you for keeping me in mind!
May Allah swt keep you safe and sound!

ummqais said...

assalamu alaikum,
welcome to niqabi world, sis. i guess it'll be differnt world, compare with hijabi, and harder esp in the west. may Allah give you stength, amiin. you go, girl!
yeah, you should take a lot research when bringing qur'an ayah or hadist up, even every word of it.everything in syariah is big thing and it's so sensitif. i'm sure you gine us the best.
and, hope you get the perfect wedding ceremony.

Almallena said...

Asalaam walikum

Yeah I feel weird, because its like Im living a double life. I started wearing niqaab last month, but I dont wear it to work. So my co workers and my customers see me without niqaab but when Im not at work I wear niqaab, but still people recognize me at times and its like uggh. I want to quit my job so I can wear niqaab full time, but I need the money. I just feel really weird at times :/

Coffee Catholic said...

I'm so happy for you, Pixie! I know you don't know me from Eve but I give you my full, 100% support in wearing the niqab! I'd wear it too, if I didn't fear for my physical safety. Or having my kids taken away for me being a "fanatic" and an "extremist."

How wonderful that your husband supports you! My husband supports me with my hijab scarf as well ~ which is a huge thing as he wasn't one bit religious when we met.

I was wearing a hijab yesterday and husband said, "You look Muslim." I said, with a mischevious grin,: "I don't care." And my husband said, "I know that you don't care. And I don't care either."

It's soooo wonderful when you have your husband's support!

Oh ~ thanks to you Muslim ladies, I had the bravery to wear hijab when the press came to our farm to do a story about a colony of honey bees that have moved into our chimney. I wore a bright pink tye-die hijab just in case they took a photo for the paper.

I wouldn't have had the guts to do that a few months ago!!

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Sounds like you have a lot going on! I can't wait to see your interview about nibab and the illustrated jilbab guide sounds awesome too.