Saturday, July 11, 2009

ways to wear it---you choose

Boho, hip-hop, girlie-girl... it is all in the accessories. What would you mix and match from the collage?

Abaya from
Niqab from


Boxie said...

I can never get the abaya site to work for me. Is it just my computer, all I get are error messages.

Desert Veil said...

You have won the Adorable Blog award, please check it out on my blog sis!

I love the style that you have on your blog sis! It keeps with Islamic laws but makes it fun! Plus you've actually helped me to dress more modesty and prove to the other Muslimahs in my area that you can cover properly and still jazz it up :o) Jazak Allah Khair for everything this! KEEP ON ROCKING!

Aïsha said...

Salamoualeikoum sister, i have a question for you, i hope that no offend you... What do you wear under an abaya when it's windy (it's difficult to hide the curves)? And when the weather is too hot? Barakallahoufik, and hope you can help me!

Pixie said...

Aisha: wa alaykom e salaam ramatullah wa barakto... on windy days I am wearing normal clothes underneath----tights and a dress or pants... On hot days with no wind I wear dresses under my abayaat, or long skirts. I also often am wearing jalibiyia under my abayaat, which, being loose also, prevents the abaya from sticking to my body in the wind.