Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Featured Blogger: Kimdonesia

Once a month I like to try and feature a fellow sister's blog that I have fun reading, especially when they do a super-cool meaningful post like the following. August's featured blogger is Kim from Kimdonesia. Her blog is available here: http://kimdonesia.blogspot.com/
Kim, check back for your award icon to post on your blog (I am at work so I can't post pics or make up anything cool for you).

So I repeat, the post re-posted below is not written by me, its by Kim, but in case you haven't heard of her, she's another great blogger whose stuff is fun to read:D

Oh Islamophobe, you will never win by Kim, of Kimdonesia.

Each morning, the Islamophobe wakes with a frown. His fingers quiver and long for the keyboard and mouse, and he is drawn to the computer like a drug addict. He needs to feed his hunger, his desire.

Pornography? No. Alcohol? No. He needs to fulfill his strong obsession with Islam. The chemical imbalance in his brain leads him to believe Islam is filled with hatred, when he fails to realize that HE is the one who is filled with hatred. HE is the one with the black heart. HE is the one who is diseased.He turns on the computer, opens his web browser and accesses Youtube. When he types something into the search bar, such as "Islam is evil", he sighs with relief. This is all he needs to convince him that what he fears - Islam - is "wrong" and "the enemy". However, his heart tells him otherwise.Within his heart is fear. Strong, sickening fear. A fear that will take over this person's life and occupy his days, leading him to dedicate much of his time to trying to eliminate this fear.

This is the fear that Islam will dominate his own town someday. His own country. Or perhaps he fears that one of his family members, or close friends, will be drawn to this "hateful" religion. He tries to hide this fear by attacking a 17-year-old Muslim girl on her Youtube channel, trying to pull her away from Islam but her feet are in concrete. She will not budge.The 17-year-old girl smells this fear. It amuses yet saddens her at the same time. It makes her smile yet frown. Smile because of the Islamophobe's failed attempt to conceal his strong fear of Islam, but frown because he is one of those who have possibly had their hearts shield and eyes covered forever from the Truth by God.Oh Islamophobe, you will never win. You will never win.

“They intend to put out the Light of Allaah (i.e. the religion of Islam, this Qur’aan, and Prophet Muhammad) with their mouths. But Allah will bring His Light to perfection even though the disbelieves hate (it).” (Al-Qur'an, Surah al-Saff Ayah 8)

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KimDonesia said...

Assalamu alaikum,

JazakAllah khair for featuring, sister Pixie! :D

Much love to you. <3