Just Because It Is Khaleeji...

Okay, just because they call it "Khaleeji" or "Dubai Designer" doesn't stop it from being the ugly or unislamic piece of costume madness that it is. I am talking about the ugly abaya. The one on top, looks like a curtain.
This one, not so bad, but instead of having just the feather, they put an image on it, and we aren't supposed to wear images (thanks Jamilah!).
See-through and tha pose while covering the face? Lame.
The print reminds me of gay guys with big belt buckles, but it wouldn't have been half bad without that marabou trimmed purse in the matchy-match.
Okay, to me this abaya is fine---but the matching purse and those shoes just take the outfit down down down. I blame the stylist.
Remember. Dubai doesn't alway = designer:p


yaaa i think it's hilarious when i see 3abayat marketed as "khaleeji" but it's sooo not what anyone in the Gulf would wear -- except for older ladies from the Shams.
Basbousa said…
Haha I criticized the horrible top one too earlier. Surprisingly some people were defending the design. I think it looks like a mix between a curtain and a Halloween costume :P
Om Rawda said…
I think also wearing something that you drag along when you walk is haram that's beside the image.
Pixie said…
Om Rawda: If the purpose of the garment dragiing (for women) is to cover the feet) this is halal according to authentic ahadith. but if it is only for fashion then it is a makruh vanity for women and curded act for men, for sure. Jazzakallah kheiran for bringing that up.
thanks for the laugh, my mom loved it :)