Looking for the perfect Eid Abyaat?

I love these two from SunnahStyle.com. Sunnahstyle is a company I trust the quality and shipping from myself here in Canada.



Is there a way i can follow your blog? i dont see the button, i loveeeee this blog and i just made my own (im amoorah from ouradvicetoothewomen) and i want who ever views my blog to stop here too!
Pixie said…
Life's Balance Beam: awwww, jazzakallah kheiran.

At the top of blogger there should be a blue header when you are veiwing anyone's blog. It has a follow blog option and you just click on it. And then it will ask you to log into your blogger iD, and it will let you follow ILOVEHISHMA. Hope that helps, inshaAllah!
Anonymous said…
A'salaamu alaikum ya'll! :-) I just recently purchased the Desert Sands Bisht abaya and all I can say is masha'Allah it is so beautiful. I have bought from Sunnah Style in the past and have never been disappointed alhamdulillah.


Sr. Jeanna
Safiya Dafiya said…
Salaam aleikum Pixie - because of you SunnahStyle has gotten a whole bunch of my money. I hope you get a finders fee or something because after I lost over $600 with Essence of Black, your review helped me trust them.

I have the desert sands and silver sands, and like every hooded abaya they have, the Hasna, a few of the plains (I embelleshed them myself), some indoor dresses they seem to no longer carry, a couple niqaabs. I want that satin one and the new black one they have.

Will you ever re-open beautifulmuslimah? I really want like, 4 of those posts. Especially the one where you designed your own sleeves and stuff.
Jamilah said…
I so want the Bisht style one... I have 3 butterfly abayas from Sunnah style and they are great... even for amazon women like me! :)
the mrs. said…
the second one is really pretty :)