Monday, August 10, 2009

ILH: Wild and Striking Designer Jalibiyia

The two S's we love Summer and Sale =I ♥ Hishma has decided to make it easy on you. Anywhere in the world you may shop our Summer Sale, and that's not all folks... shipping is FREE of charge! Just comment or email us with your item num. (on the facebook page not this blog post) and we will give you all the necessary info needed for your shopping spree...Hurry. Impre$$ 4 Le$$ :D

Jalibiyia/special-occasion Jilbab available at I ♥ Hishma locations in KSA, and through the facebook group (D, I am still waiting on the online store addy:D). I love purple! For those interested, please make sure you add us to your facebook: I ♥ Hishma.

(1% of sales gos to Say NO to Violence against Women )

ILH: The time has come to ROCK tradition!


Anonymous said...

Salaam. I joined the "I love Hishma" group on facebook but did not see a section with articles for sale. I did see a few photos of clothing but no prices, sizes, etc. Could you please let me know what I was doing wrong?

Jazakallahu khair,

Sr. Jeanna

aisha said...

Salam Pixie!well i know its not the best place to talk about it but i just couldnt stop myself and couldnt go bed after what i saw now on tv!!!!well 3persons:mufti,professor of sociology and doctor of history were discussing latest polls which may prove that europe is IN REAL DANGER OF ISLAM INVASION!!!!the one word which properly describes the attitude of this professor and doctor was given by mufti:its pure ISLAMOPHOBIA!!just wanna give few examples and Pixie if u want,u can mention this issue in other article,more connected with religion and coexistence.anyway they used expressions like:
-''to protect ourselves from ISLAM we have to be more religious''
-''christians in Jordan and arabic world are discriminated evrwhere,this is christianphobia''-i wanna say its big lie,my father is from Iraq and he gave so many examples how christians here are respected and he personally considers arabic christians to be well educated community,my all family symphatize with them!when it comes to Jordan i have even fresh proofs about how christians are treated here!my fiance is jordanian many of his friends are christians including the best one,he visits them,take part in dinners,every occasion,they love each other cos what connects them is nationality,they love like me being arabian!and also H.M.King Abdullah shown during last papal visit his respect to christians
-''muslims in France and west close themselves in ghetto and dont want to assimilate with western society''-come on!they dont close themselves,they are closed cos government closed them here!this smart government led by Mr.Sarkozy ''self hero'' lol of muslim women who want to set them free and help not to wear ''humiliating'' ''burkas''!!!

aisha said...

i hope Pixie that u got first par of my comment what made me so is that they used this sort of words-''to fight with ISLAM invasion'',''this ISLAM in arabic countries differs from OTHER ISLAMS (lol lol) in other countries'',''we will live in united european emirates'',''lets go northern africa-it was christian and now its islamic-to see what will happen with europe'',''spanish people was shocked and weak after THEY(this professor meant muslim)blew up train finally when host of the programm asked what to do?professor answered:''we have to support the only normal country in the middle east which is Israel!''-gooood i couldnt believe!israel???????i dont have anth againts Jews until they dont kill innocent people and im not afraid to share my views,in europe evrbody is scared to comment israeli acts cos people are afraid not to be called-''antisemitic'' but come on that not the point!during recent Gaza genocide jews killed so many infants,it was such a disgusting murder!they dont look to palestinians like to people,they treat them less than animals cos-who can kill brutally little puppies?just sb mad ya?ok so why we are fine when Jews kill little human beings?
finally they gave results of text poll where they asked ''would u be agree with mosque to be located in the neighbourhood of ur home?''
70%was against ya maybe they are right?as many dangerous terrorist would pray here?lol lol lol lol lol after this programm i would like to get married as soon as possible and be back in my homeland,unfortunately i cant now,studies are keeping me here and my fiance is freshman in serious job,stimes i ask myself:''why those people who sleep with each other all the time can be together?and we who just love each other and want to just look to each other are apart?''stimes its so hard to stand this double dosage of longing:missing my fiance and missing islamic arabic country!anyway really i feel evrbody who hasnt discover the beauty of islam yet is just homeless,but this bad trend can be changed-believe me,im ashamed but when was little girl i was sure i have to keep in secret that im arabic,that my father is Muslim-NOW ITS MY BIG PRIDE!IM PROUD OF MUSLIMS,IM PROUD OF ARABS!''

UmmRania said...

Salamu Alaikum

Not to sounds stupid, but does that mean you have to have a FB account to order?

Habibti said...

can you give a link to it