Ramadaan is coming... I am soooo excited. I've got a huge pile of things to do first though.

a. I've gotta clean the house. Let's face it. Me and my husband are kinda lazy when it comes to housework buuuuut.... since I am going to be an old-fashioned housewife for one month, lol, I have no excuse not to get on that. And don't worry, he believes in taking over when he sees me starting something to do with manual labour. Something like "MY WIFE shouldn't HAVE to lift anything." Even if it is a dust pan. So I'll scrub the kitchen floors when he's out, else he'll try and swiffer it, and swiffers don't work as well as hands and knees scrubbing, so I'm sorry. There's some things a woman is just better at.

b. wash out the fridge. Start baking Ramadaan goodies. My goal is also to make meals to give out to the homeless in my area sooooo. I mean, the arab sisters who can ACTUALLY cook should worry about feeding the Muslims, ect.... because my cooking is bit a foreign usually to these folks.

c. Pray ALOT. I will study my Arabic for the month (which I am usually a bit too lazy to do).

d. Boxie has planned a rotating iftar schedule for those who have no families in the city. I of course, have no place to host so I'm really not in on this one but I can help out.

e. I want to give some stuff away. I don't have gold or anything (well I do, one name plate necklace in Arabic but that's it and who wants my name hanging off their neck anyways?) so clothes will have to do.

f. I am trying to think of some random good deeds.

g. That's the end of my list for this morning.
h> Oh, and get some Eid presents together.


Jaz said…
How nice! I always make lists like this too but I usually can never get round to it, but Ramadan is for growing and improving so inshallah we'll all learn this year.
the mrs. said…
hi pixie :) i am looking for an abaya for Eid and am wondering if you could feature some that you like. thanks :)