Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I am tired of Non-Muslim women talking about how "the Muslim woman" feels

I am tired of non-muslim women (apostates count as this people along with Oprah et all) and especially Muslim AND non-muslim men, talking about how Muslim women feel. The speaker in this vid has the right idea. He's like, I am a man, and Barbara Walters and Hirsi Ali aren't Muslimahs, so go ask a Muslim woman how she veiws her life and her hijab.


mawaddah said...

i love the video =))

yeah me too, sick of their claims'we muslim women are oppressed' and bla bla..

izzati said...

LOL I was feeling this, this week. I got annoyed with idiotic (Excuse my language) atheists, apostates, christians talking about how oppressed hijabi women are.

amy said...

Assalaamu Alaikum Sister, I wish if people would see me as a part of society, rather than be judgmental of my hijab (outward appearance). I have experienced the worst in people where I was ridiculed and taunted because of their lack of knowledge and understanding. Although I tried to educate in earnest, sometimes patience wasn't with me, that's where I was lacking in education and understanding. People were downright nasty/perverted. Alhamdulillah, I have since learned a lot of patience through educating myself. I urge other sisters to also learn about Islam, about their role as a Muslim woman.

Rachi said...

I think people criticize everyone and try to 'live in peoples shoes' too readily without understanding where people come from or those peoples 'comfort' levels, customs or just basic preferences. The type of people that talk so publically about things they know very little about are the type of people you should lend no ear to- be it to talk about muslim dress or even something so simple as one person prefering something they find 'distasteful' - for instance people with brightly-coloured hair or the family who visit wal-mart in pajamas.
It is, on the face of it, discrimination on *any* level, and something I try to do without in my life (it is very difficult!)

Coffee Catholic said...

Yes, indeed! We get the same thing, non-Christian people (or totally liberal "Christians") blabbing on and on about how oppressed we are by modesty and chastity...

Hello! Walk a mile in our shoes first before you open your mouth!

Life's Balance Beam said...

Subanaallah!! That moved me.
where am i when all these great lectures are taking place man!?!

Hes so right! im tired of it too. just recently i was thrift shopping with my mom, and i saw a piece that i just loved to i picked it up, and my mom rolled her eyes n said "this girl" but it was friendly just playing i know my mom. so when she walks to go get in line, a lady comes up to me n says

"you know u should stand up to ur mom! tell her mom...this is what i WANT to wear this is how i WANT to dress and u should just accept it!"

so i looked at her puzzled for a second to take in what she says n i told her.... i am wearing what i want to wear, and what im holding goes under... so i win TWO times...:)"

n then she went off explaining how i should stand up for myself. n i told her my purpose of shopping there to began with is for a look book im putting together because of my fashion major and how im wearing what i want to wear, and she should pick up a book, and i just walked away.

It kinda irritated me. n then i rolled my eyes because i was fasting and just said "man she needs help"


Gadgetgirl said...

I went through your lovely blog and indeed I must say its great to know that people like u actually exist. =D
Besides, I wanna know something about Muslim women marriages. As in does she have the complete right to marry whoever she wants to?? Can it be a friend she knows since high school?

Ur response will be much appreciated! =)

Aalia of Abu Dhabi said...


Why the double standards??

Does the media and other personalities interview a MUSLIM woman about how a Jewish or Christian woman feels about her faith?! Um, I don't think so!!

That's why we need to keep Blogging -- to show OUR *true* opinions -- not the opinions of someone else who doesn't live with Islam.

Peter said...

السلام عليكم
Hi Sis,
Love your blog well done added to my site links

julaybeeba said...

Wow, Mashallah. This vid just made me feel so much more beautiful being a Muslim Woman. :) Thanks for sharing

Melissa said...

great video. Yes, I hate it when non Muslims and men talk about how Muslim women feel. How would they know?!