Friday, October 2, 2009

Dear Random Anonymous Islam-hating blog stalker

Dear Random Anonymous Islam-hating blog stalker:

For your comment "Stop Oppression Against Women" ...I do. You wrote "hahahahah respect?you get respect from men by covering yourself up? this is insane, do you believe it yourself? i hope not.don't you understand what you are doing? you are supporting oppression against women! men tell women to cover themselves up to gain respect. and you believe in it..lame." Well Anon, I gew up not covering and now I do cover, and non muslim men DO give me more respect so I feel my point is proven ALREADY. If you have doubts and you are an attractive young woman, find a pretty pink headscarf and a plain comfy black shoulder abaya, and wear it at your work for a month. You'll see a difference in the way the men treat you. You won't need any other proof. But even beyond that, I LIKE what I am wearing. I could says that sunglasses are more uncomfortable for me than a face veil, that skinny jeans are waaaay more misognynist than an abaya, and that high heels are DEFINATELY more uncomfortable and suppressive of a woman's ability to do sports or accomplish things than a headscarf. I like my clothes. Get over it. If I wasn't a Muslim and I told you the same thing (because I dressed this way BEFORE I was Muslim too because I found I liked it) would you believe it? Ask ex pat women living in Dubai? Most of them try out the charm and ease of abaya once in a while. I personally dress in a way that I want to---I feel pretty, modest, and comfortable in my clothes, no one forces me to wear them, and I do not force others. I do not support laws enforcing hijab. Hijab is a personal thing, between a woman and God, her Creator. If you don't believe in God, well then my blog probably isn't for you, but you have to understand all Muslims believe the Qu'ran is directly from God, and that books like the Bible and Torah are also sources (though we believe the Qu'ran is the only direct and uncorrupted source).

"Yeah girls are so pretty when men tell them what to wear. Independent girls are ugly Oppressed women are cute. " Personally anon, I go by the dictionary definition of suppressed, which is, those who have no choice are suppressed. Honestly I think alot of the girls forced to wear blue Afghan chadors with mesh (aka the burqa) were suppressed and I feel sad for them. Nothing in Islam ENFORCES hijab. So Taliban hijab style is waaaaaaay wrong. But a woman that chooses to wear a niqab and an abaya from her own beliefs and does so in a way I find pretty, 'course I'm gonna say her style is cute. But some sad looking singer rubbing her half-naked body on a bunch of dancers in a music video to sell more CDS when her own talent is enough to, I am going to say that is a kind of suppression too. It is like Elizabeth Taylor. Everyone loved her when she was young and beautiful and now she is overweight and in a wheel chair and that same media that loved her makes jokes about her??? Being enslaved to youth, form, and beauty is another kind of suppression, one hijab (from one's own choice and conviction) frees you from.

You commented "It is said in the qoran that a woman shall never get attention with jewelleries and make up. So why are you wearing islamic oppression-sheets when you are not muslims- apparently?" Why do you care for details and decoration when you are told to cover yourself up with blankets?It is said in the qoran that you shall not ask for attention. Then do not and be a woman." Um, anon, do you mean abayas??? If you've even worn one, you'll know they are as comfortable as pajamas, and not opressive at all. That's why so many ex-pat women in the Gulf are happy to wear them, running errands, under no compulsion, and not even for any religious reason. As for wearing jewelry and make-up and designs on clothing, nowhere in the Q'uran does it tell us not to do anything of things you claim it forbids in another one of your awesomely educated. Women in the Prophet Mohammed sallalahu alahi wa salaam's time used to wear makeup in the form of henna and kohl (both of which he encouraged), he also complimented a woman for the pretty but simple designs on her garment which shows that some design is OBVIOUSLY allowed in Islam, and jewelry? Women in Islam are allowed to wear gold and men are not. Women in the early days of Islam wore anklets that made alot of noise and attracted some sensual attention when the women danced or stamped their feet with the purpose of attracting that attention. The Q'uran commanded those women not to stamp their feet, it never forbid them from wearing jewelry. Educate yourself darling, please, because you come across as ignorant, hateful, and still wanting to do good for women at the same time.

Am I a savage? You are thinking like men of the old world did with the native Americans when they discovered the New world. That you need to SAVE me, by taking away my way of life, my freedom to believe in peace. I don't need you or anyone else to think for me or rescue me. I am not suppressed/repressed/ OR oppressed. In Islam sexuality is for a time and place where it is protected, A STABLE AND MATURE LONGTERM RELATIONSHIP WHERE BOTH PARTIES ARE BOTH LEGALLY PROTECTED (financially and logically) THAT BOTH PARTIES AGREE TO AND OUTLINE THE DETAILS THEREOF.

To your question "do you dress modest at home or flaunt about in an evening dress?" If I am by myself and just want to play dress up, or it is a special occasion with close women friends who won't feel any emotion but pride in my apearence praising Allah for my sake, or I want to look nice for my family who will also be happy if I look beautiful and can afford nice things, then I will wear an evening dress, or jeans and a tshirt, OR pajamas, or a modest jalabiyia. It is up to me. Islam is not a religion that says do something, such as feign piety or change everything you are, for no reason. Allah Himself has said, that He is beautiful and loves beauty. What God doesn't love is the kind of human pride that is to make other human beings feel less of themselves. No man or woman that feels even a dust grain's weight of this kind of belittling pride will enter paradise (aka heaven). If there unrelated men present, I'll wear hijab---of course, or if there are those women who will feel less because of something I can physically wear because of an attractive physical attribute or financial means that they could never attain, I will dress in a way that we are equal sisters.

Part of the Islamic dress code is that it promotes a brotherhood and sisterhood that marks men and women equal but for their piety and good deeds. We are also supposed to be obviously recognizable as Muslims, not resembling pagans, Jews, and Christians, which is, women cover their chests with the headscarf, and wear an overgarment over their regular clothes while not trying to get male attention by wearing over-the-top makeup and tight clothing or jingling their jewelry or strong perfumes, and men wear loose fitting clothing that covers their belly-button to thighs and best the shoulders and have beards at LEAST a fist length long and do not wear gold or silk or anything that shows financial and social status in public (that can nowadays include flaunting fancy cars and gold pens and rolexs---remember, the Prophet sallalalhu alahi wa salaam, when as Caliph, he could have ridden the finest horses of the Arabs, he rode a donkey).


Anonymous said...

very well said, i hope you convinced the anon. how is that some people just cant equate modesty with awe-inspiring beauty?
exposing the body is what is barbaric and of a primitive mindset. hijab for both men and women is a gift from God elevating us to a higher stage, where we look dignified, elegant, and function in mutual respect and grace.

Nabeela said...

Assalamu-alaikum Sister,
I am sorry you had to go through that comment but MashAllah you did a WONDERFUL job of replying back :)
May Allah bless you for all the dawah you're giving out without coming across as snobby. Ameen!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I admire you.

Even when dealing with someone as ignorant as said above person. You are never rude, Condescending or even just plain mean.
Your very well spoken & smart.

Sooo Kudos to you on educating even those who seem to not deserve to be given the time of day!
G*d Bless

Ikram Kurdi said...

As salaamu alaikum,

Such commenters are called Trolls in internet slang. We posted about how to deal with them here:

Anonymous said...

WOW! Well said sister.

Heather said...

Lovely post, Pixie. I agree! You don't have to be Muslim to be happy wearing hijab and abaya (or even niqab). Thanks for pointing this out to the hijab-bashing troll. : )


Anonymous said...

shut up
you always are so full of yourself!
be modest in your way to dress or to show what you like even if you know that it is haram you still depaint it soooo (as you say)
be modest as a muslimah....

yusna said...


dear pixie..thanks for standing up to the ignoramus aka another islamaic phobic whose source of happiness is making some noise on absolute nonsense. Our faith have proven to them that they are nothing but merely terrorised by themselves and being stupid/insecure/loss they would want to run this BS on us. I believe they do not know the real meaning of freedom. We are not oppresed cos we choose to wear what we wear. If they think covering up is a form of oppression, than it is obvious that they are blinded by their own biasness. How could someone be stupid enough to summed up a religion on a piece of cloth is beyond me. The covering is a part of practising our faith and religion..but IT IS NOT THE RELIGION. Who said women who dressed half naked is independent? Who said women who became a fashion slave is free? They are. And to tell us that covering is a way men conquered us..than they especially oblivious to the fact that the one who dressed women globally in some garbage they called 'haute couture' is MEN. Just because you give it another name like fashion & piece of art..bla..bla..bla doesn't change the fact that they are the one who became oppresed. They are crutinised by so called fashion maestro thus they let themselves buy the idea that to look free and fashionable one have to look certain way, eat certain stuffs and dressed in certain standard. We muslim women have been empowered by our deen to not have anybody but God to dictate us. This non Muslims who have been harassing us for practising our faith (in case they forgot..that is one part of HUMAN RIGHTS), they must be so insecure in their own skin, can't think without people judging them thus need to lash out their insecurities, fear and loneliness at us in a hostile way for if they don't do so, will never belong to anything. We muslim, we are binded by our religious obligations and the love of God..they don't, so they feel lost. They, I believe..longingly wanted to be part of us but scared with some false ideas planted in their head so they choose to be on the opposite end.

Let it be..cos I believe in God, proud and happy to be a Muslim..i don't care how they want to judge me as I have a greater Judge to pleased. Our religion never teach us to mock others even if they are the non believers. Instead,we told to doa & da'wah that everybody will receive hedayah and rahmah from God..that the non believer will be guided to believe in the key that open the Arasy (the Shahada). Well my friend, I believe this is a prove enough that we are free from opression and condemnation.

"They planned and Allah planned. But Allah is the Greatest Planner among them"

Peace...May Allah be pleased with us to make us strong and stay true to Islam.

Aalia of Abu Dhabi said...


It is said in the qoran that a woman shall never get attention with jewelleries and make up. So why are you wearing islamic oppression-sheets when you are not muslims- apparently?" Why do you care for details and decoration when you are told to cover yourself up with blankets?It is said in the qoran that you shall not ask for attention. Then do not and be a woman.

I've read the Quran front to back and I never came across these verses. Looks like someone has been reading too much into the anti-Islamic propaganda sites :/

Zaenab said...

Anon is obviously very biased of opinion, some people are too narrow minded and too set in their ways for their own good. A really well written response to them anyway!


Anonymous said...

ha, i believe i'm the third anon question she had responded to. you mention fist length beard for men. i saw those wedding photos you posted. I did not see your mans beard.


lisa said...

Salam sister!

Dear pixie,
i was browsing through and came across your website. i was mesmerized by your website. good job. love your writings! well said.

I am a muslim, and just started wearing hijab after i got back from mecca(preforming omrah) this year. I found that, wearing hijab is simply beautiful and it makes me a better person. i love all the styles that you've shown. if possible post more pictures/ ways to way hijab. i would like to try new styles.

i am proud to say that I am a hijab wearer, and I've never regret for making this decision, and thankful to Allah.

Keep it the good work!

Pixie said...

Anonymous: Ya Allah, if you're the one saying don't judge you're a bit daft on that bit then and might not wanna use it.

My husband agrees beard is fard for men. He's tried to grow one. His face when the hairs come in, get a bunch of white puss since he gets a reaction to it. That is why I don't judge people. My friend's husband from Senegal doesn't grow facial hair AT ALL. I WISH my husband could grow a beard, because I wanna wear niqab and then he feels people glare at him because I'm wearing niqab and he's not wearing a beard but I don't think men that can't grow beards should wear fakes one?!

Ya anon, get a life. You don't like me because I am saying what is hijab (but not judging the reasons the girls fail to wear it right). I wouldn't get mad at a girl who was allergic to fabric and couldn't cover. I won't get a mad at a man who can't or medically has reasons he can't have a beard. The Taliban in afghanistan used to beat men like my husband and I think THAT is not right either.

Anonymous said...

has he gone to a dermatologist?
honest question, nothing snide intended.

Pixie said...

Anon who is not snide: Yes, he's seen a doctor.

I don't really see how anyone brings him up to try and attack me since my actions are unrelated to him lol. Even if my husband could grow a beard and I told him to and he didn't, it really couldn't reflect on me being a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

salamuleykom !

umm. growing beard isnt that important! there are lots things that are more important than growing beard.growing beard is a sunnah and it isnt a sign of pousity.

i love reading trough your blog and seeing you niqab and hijabs videos.

Jazakunnallahkhukair for the awesome reminders gerat new ideas and styles and intresting articles!

your sister in islma from egypt!

Katrina said...

i am a christian but currently living in saudi arabia and i respect their culture and muslim women. i think people shouldn't judge or disrespect other people regardless of race, culture, or religion. i love ur blog and recently i am loving these abaya designs. :) keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you said...

I think this picture says it all