Thursday, October 8, 2009

Featured Comment on Al Ahzar Niqab ban

I just read this comment by NoortheNinjabi on Sarah's post on the Al Ahzar niqab ban and agreed with her comment soooo much so that I had to post it as a blog post. SO here is a post authored by NoortheNinjabi (the writings are not mine but the veiws expressed ARE entirely those of ILOVEHISHMA's author aka Moi). The only thing authored by me in the following is the title:

Al Ahzar sells out to corrupt Dictator

by NoortheNijabi

[Egyption President] Mubarak is paranoid that the Muslim Brotherhood is gonna get him [assassinate him]. Literally.

28 (?) years of illegal power due to emergency law and HM [his majesty, a term used sarcasticly as Egypt is not SUPPOSED to be a monarchy] is freaked because he knows the natives are very restless and sick of his dictatorial regime. Not that there's any reason though...Mass corruption and governmental greed doesn't ruffle anyone's feathers... *eyeroll*

Anyways, the Muslim Brotherhood promotes the niqaab, among other things. Given that the hijab spread like wildfire like 30 years ago, the government is paranoid that the niqaab is a sign that the Muslim Brotherhood is taking over and therefore treats niqaabis like crap. Hubby says there's been roundups of niqaabis and thobe-and-kufi'd men in the past. Then last year, they said nurses couldn't wear them in hospitals. Ugh.

So Mubarak put Tantawi into his position quite a while back and Tantawi has been a good little soldier, putting out edicts that are downright unislamic in exchange for...well, whatever it is that HM is bribing him with. Like the time he said that certain types of fixed riba were permissible...Epic fail.

And now Tantawi goofed and the whole world knows not to listen to Al-Azhar.


Anonymous said...

Alast somenone actually rite this stuff!! Hamdoleh!

im stduying in alazhar in egypt.i love IT and all but now its becoming worst as they only hire lectururs who are not that religous and wear clothes tht are painted on their body as ! ITS REALLY THEIR PROPAGANDA TOWARDS THE MOSLIMS CAUSE THEY ARE COWARDS!! hasbuna Allahiwani'mal wakil.

Om-Rawda said...

Salam Alykom,

I just want to add something very very important so please listen.

The whole media thing against Tantawi is just so overrated , they guy didn't BAN it in Azhar , he just said girls and Teachers are not allowed to wear it inside their classes amongst other girls (no men around) but they can wear it OUTSIDE classrooms , which one would think is a useless decision since it's the normal case , but he took that decision because he knew that a girl wears it inside class amongst her girls-only classmates!

And I am wondering , why all the fuss really??? people just misinterpret everything!

And I've never heard Tantawi saying that niqab isn't part of islam , media claims he said that for u know what reasons!

Just wanted to talk because I can't stand blind judgments,we can't judge someone's intentions , can we?

I beg ppl to not just follow what they hear from any source without double checking both sides!

Magda said...

I'm somewhat confused about all of don't know who to believe. I pray Allah will rectify the affairs of the Muslims. May He make it easy for all Muslims to adhere to righteousness. ameen.

Also, I'd like to ask your permission to use some of the niqabi pics on your blog to make a vlog. Let me know, insha'Allah. I would send you a copy for your approval before posting it anywhere. Jazak'Allahu khair.