Saturday, October 10, 2009

GUIDE: How to Wear Mona/Kuwaiti Hijabs

For those who want a quick and easy style (a tiny bit sporty, a tiny bit girly), I prefer Mona Hijabs (sometimes called Kuwaiti hijabs) to Al Amiras (which suit some faces amazingly but not my own alas). They are very easy for travelling, ect. They basically ARE Al-Amiria (slip on) hijabs but with a short peice of decorative fabric attached that you can pin with a pretty hijab pin (I prefer to use a brooch for these instead of a stick pin so that it doesn't come loose for sports and I don't have to fuss). Pluys you can get more chest coverage out of one. They can be bought online and try and find a hijab store that sells the brooch too so that you don't have to pay extra shipping form two different online stores! For DIY stylists (and very curvy sisters), any old Al-Amira CAN be made into a Kuwaiti hijab. Just sew a hijab you like onto an-almira hijab in the desired length (to get the coverage you crave but that manufacturers don't cater to) and be reassured you are then wearing khimar (not just a headscarf).

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eyes serene said...

Assalamu alaikom,
Have you ever tried to sew an amira into a kuwaiti style yourself? I'm interested in the idea but wonder how difficult it is (cuz I am not a very good seamstress!)