Saturday, October 3, 2009

My friend shops at Hanayen in Dubai

One of my old non-muslim friends is an English teacher in Dubai. For a nice but stylish plain black abaya (maybe with a very simple detailing on the sleeves like a silk cord trim or the brand name in swarowski) she says she pays 200 dirhams at Hanayen. Which is a good price I haven't been able to get yet except at the Souqs. The malls are higher and they seem to TRY and rip you off. For example, at "Pearl Cloak" in Abu Dhabi's Al Marina Mall I bought the perfect black string niqab for thirty dirhams. Aalia went back looking for the same niqab and they wanted to charge 100 dirhams! Yikes.


Bahiyaa Black said...

why can't they have abaya shops like this where I live :(

Aalia of Abu Dhabi said...

It's discrimination -- that's what it is. They assume that I'm Emirati therefore I carry 1,000AED bills in my purse.

Well, sometimes it can be true but ppl shouldn't be so mean & over-charge me!!