Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pure Pixie: here and in Canada +niqab of course!

Everything in this collage I really own except for the patent heels---those are flats in my day to day as I walk a few kilometers every night and every morning. The abaya with ruched satin sleeves is from for $49.99 USD and it is soooooo easy to wear. I like to wear maxi dresses or coloured jeans (grey, pink, purple, green and yellow). I have a crummy scratched up pink motorolla cellohone and white rimmed sunglasses, and always keep my earrings on the big and dangling side under my hijab. I just bought this Betsey Johnson purse today (for about a quarter of its current retail value) and a matching pink keffiyah ($10.00 bucks that CAD). My beauty regime: I like mousse concealer in ivory, chocolate scented shampoo, pink eye shadow, sometimes an eyebrow pencil and that is it for day. Not the most awesome outfit, but something I like and am comfy in.


Amatullaah said...

As Salaamu 'alaikum.

Really, this is cute. I love it.

You have great style, maasha' Allaah!

Laura said...

as salamu aleikum dear,

I have almost the same abaya from SunnahStyle, just with different sleeves.
Unfortunately it keeps sticking to my jeans when i walk so that i have to keep pulling it away from my legs all the time.
is it the same with you? and what do you do against it?

i really hope youre having a wonderful time.
take care and ma salamah,