Saturday, October 3, 2009

Shehna Hussain abayas

Just thought I would showcase some very beautiful abayaat that I personally CANNOT afford LOL. They are all by the Shehna Hussain (SH) label. Boxie is going to make herself an abaya like this red one with the crochet.
This particular abaya is a wedding one (don't wear it at the malls girls!!!!) and costs a small fortune. But I love how it drapes almost like a sari when one sits.
I just love the abayaat with sheer panels and red fabric underneath and anything with red roses.The use of the fabric and the cut one this particular desgn is very unique. It reminds me of a 1920 Poiret evening coat.

Ooh la la. i love the long circles and this is probably my favourite cut of abaya.I like the pretty sleeves and the design but here in the Gulf, I've come to hate the front open style because very few girls are wearing them halal. They keep wearing jeans and tights and mini skirts with them instead of long skirts of jalabiyias and maxis. Ahhhhh, the horror, the horror!!!!!This is my absolute favourite abaya from the collections, because of the lace sleeves and the colours of the threads in the design.


kakchik said...

they look gorgeous but wayyyyyy over my budget and my simple style.

LK said...

Oh these are so beautiful! Now I want to make copies of them myself. Better get out the sewing machine :)

Anonymous said...

Ooh beautiful designs...I think I'm lucky being in KSA because you dont even see designs like that in the stores, KSA designs seems to be very watered down "Dubai lite"...LOL and def. no open abayah with tights or jeans...if anyone does have an open abayaah it's norm. worn with a skirt or a jalabeeya under it.

Seriously come to KSA!!!! Ur hubby is Saudi, it should be easy for you to come on over this way. En'shallah once you do you'll see how diff. it is here.

Anonymous said...

you cannot afford these abayats but why give some free publicity to this designer... you are married with a saudian so ask him to buy it for you!
and dont criticise some non halal girls we all going to be judge so dont do that, muslimah!

Anonymous said...


where can i find these abayas i really loved them can you please let me know. i think they are very expensive because of the embroidery
but they are very beautiful.

thank you

Pixie said...

Kakchik: Me too. LOL, people think i am rich here because of my passport lol but I'm definately not until I get a job he he he. Make dua for me.

Pixie said...

LK: If you do, post pics:d

Pixie said...

Um Ibrihim: I wish it was easy but KSA has this little thing called a marriage lisence. If you are marrying a non-Saudi woman as a first wife you need a lisence. We never got approved for one.

Pixie said...

Obnoxious anonymous: I normally don't post anonymous comments at all as a policy but I'll respond to your rude ones because I am bored. Not all Saudis are rich. Mine isn't but may Allah increase us ameen, if that is best for us. It is kinda ignorant for you to assume our income on a nation. Many people in the USA are rich but it would be dumb to assume everyone is---I mean I've seen slums in Georgia USA that could rival ones in South Africa.

I posted the designs because I thought they were pretty. It is not being judegmental to say that wearing a open abaya with tight clothing revealed underneath is not proper hijab. That is simply a fact. I do not reflect on the intentions or characters of the women themselves that choose to do so or do so out of ignorance for THAT is for Allah alone. Go bug someone else silly anon. Shoo fly, don't bother me.

Pixie said...

Saleeha: if you live in the Gulf, I can email you a link, but they only deliver in the Gulf. You'd have to do that by leaving your email in the comment box aND iWON'T POST IT.

Anonymous said...

Pixies, yes I know about the government needing to approve a marriage between a Saudi and a non-Saudi. I had no idea yours wasnt approved! Can you guys reapply again in the future? If his family knows about u, accepts u and your Muslim why shouldnt it be accepted?
I could see if maybe you werent already a Muslim.

Hmm, strange...but I have noticed there is def. stigma against western women married to Saudi's here. Everytime I have asked a Saudi women a question the first thing outta their mouths is asking whether I'm married to a Saudi. They give me this nasty, accusatory look too. When I say, uh nope...they chill out and help me.

It's so strange...I havent experienced this sort of behavior before.

fyi, there is a yahoo group for western women married to Saudi men. I have some friends on it, if u wanna join lemme know and I can give them a heads up. It's hard to join as they wanna keep it ONLY for western women married to Saudi men.

well, en'shallah things will get easier and you guys will get approval soon and you'll be able to come to KSA.

sh said...


Thank you so very much for liking my work and for posting the collection. :)

it was very sweet of you to do this thank you so much and i would also like to add that i would have offered you a good deal if you liked them. theses are expensive cos of their hand embroidery...
and the detailing that it as gone through.

i have also posted my latest collection do let me know if you like it.

i also have a fan site on facebook please help me to grow as a designer.

thank you once again sister this means a lot to me

Shehna Hussain

Anonymous said...

As salaam wa alay kum,
could you please help me out,would I be able to find this abaya label in mecca? Thanx

kakchik said...

Pixie, may Allah help you in finding the right job, soon. And I think you can be one good fashion consultant.

sh said...


Please vist my website for more information and you could also mail me

thank you
shehna hussain

Anonymous said...

Thanx shena ;) razina

Mariam said...

As Salaamu 'Alaykum,

I just received my Shehna Hussain abaya and it is fantastic. This is my first couture abaya from the ME. I really don't think she's pricey if you consider how much money we spend on poor quality abayas that need to be replaced every fortnight :)

She's reasonably priced, and will work with you on your budget, plus she has excellent customer service skills. Always listens to what you have to say :)

Love from California...