Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We've Arrived Safely in Oman, Alhamdulilah

He he he. We've arrived in Oman safe and sound alhamdulilah. After the trip being delayed to the fact that our driver was held at the border for a lack of the right paperwork for over 24 hours (poor guy, LOL he promised to take us through the Wahiba sands to make up for it), me almost being arrested in Emirates for not puting up with stalkers anymore (that's another story, one for the desert diary), and forgetting to have our exit visas stamped leaving UAE (the driver we had is an old friend and Omani and they said we didn't need to pay but Boxie and I thought, hey, yes we do), we had to drive back, and I ended up praying fajr at the border making wudu out of a water cooler LOL. My Mum and our American friend (we'll call her Gamly) were probably worried sick about us at this point since we were supposed to arrive in Muscat at 10:15 pm originally, LOL, and didn't end up there until 2:30 pm the next day. The drive was still fun and besides the fact that the driver and me consisted on highly caffinated energy drinks and chocolate for 24hrs, I love Oman so it didn't matter, and we were all in rather good humour, laughing about the fate of the original driver and apologising and thanking profusely both Omanis efforts and their ammazing hospitality. We WERE supposed to pay for the gas, their time, our visas, and food and meals, but the only thing we were allowed to pay for was one measly case of Red Bull, and our visas.

I also met a sweet and kind Omani family for the quick change our driver had to do before his real job started. They gave me Vimto to drink lol, and we watched cartoons. Said driver had come straight from his real job to driving all the way to the UAE to get us, then did this crazy adventure of a drive, and then, had to go straight to work again, 48hrs sleepless and his only payment a case of red bull (since he insisted on FEEDING US whenever possible), may Allah reward him for saving our stranded butts. He also showed us the coolest random masjid where we all stopped to pray. Mmmmm. I love the scent of frankincesnse.....



AlabasterMuslim said...

Ok. I'm going to ask questions that i've been wondering this whole time. And forgive me because i know somewhere you've written about this.
Who is boxie?
And how do you go to all these places/know all these people? Like how did you meet them?
Inshallah i hope that your trip keeps going (pretty much) how you plan it to! And safe! Ameen! :D

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Lucky you! My husband got to go to Oman last year during his deployment and he loved it! I hope InshaAllah I get to go someday.

Sarah Plain And Short said...

salam aleikom

glad to here you are both safe and sound inshaAllah. hope you are having sunnier days than me! the weather here is just bizarre, im even wearing my winter coat today (first time in 10 yrs lool). hows the family doing? have the abaya fashions changed much since the last time you were there? take care

Anonymous said...

good for you but why do we care really, keep your post fashion not personnal everybody has problem darling!

Anonymous said...

I guess Boxie is her friend from Canada who reverted/converted to Islam. I am also surprised how Pixie knows so mnay people.

guess u have loads of money Pixie touring round the world :)

Jokes apart do u plan to visit South asia, like Malaysia, India, Pakistan and Indonesia?


Pixie said...

Henna: LOL I make friends easily [alhamdulilah] and travelling has never required much of a budget (I just have to be willing to work where I go---writing, teaching, ect). I don't have a huge interest in Asia beyond the Gulf---I am a Gulf and Euro girl at heart for travel, but Africa and Canada are home places/bases for me.

Pixie said...

Anonymous who called me darling, um, don't bother making such comments please. Its kinda rude.