Thursday, February 18, 2010

Omani Clothing

So I have moved to Oman permanently, au reviour Canada. I am staying in the Gulf for what will probably be the rest of my life, but Allahualim, you know?
So while there aren't many pictures until I get a skanner, above is the fish-n-tail dress of Salalah, and below, some of the different traditional dresses from in and around Muscat. All can be worn with khimar (hijab) but usually abaya is worn where I live.
That's all my hijab reporting for now folks.


lili said...

sallam sister!
it is Au revoir for the french translation of goodbye,
happy for you anyway that you living in Oman now... hope you will like it, I wish to move in a muslim country! InshaAllah

kakchik said...

salam pixie.

i hope you will have the best of your life there.

looking at the images, I would say that Omani ladies are colourful and bright. their dresses have many similarities with the Indian ladies of India.

really eye-catching.

Radeyah راضية said...

Su7anAllah the Omani traditional dress it really beautiful xx

Alice said...

Great pics! Thanx a lot for sharing!

I'm happy for you having moved to Oman (if you are happy yourself of course). I've always heard only good about Oman (clean and safe, simple and sincere, hospitable people,quiet life)

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikom,
SO COLORFUL! :) I am always afraid to mix too many colors but when I see it, I think it's so pretty!

Insha'Allah, your life in Oman is a happy one! I couldn't imagine being so far from home.. I admire anyone who does it!

Anonymous said...

I think you mean Au revoir ;-)
The clothes are so beautiful! and may Allah reward you for your Hijra.

Anonymous said...

haha yur husband probably divorced you and you are stuck in oman.

Pixie said...

Anonymous: go bring your haraam gloating to my husband and see if he does not smack you in the face (he won't, because Islam wouldn't allow such a thing, but he'd think that of you for second, then ask Allah SWT for sabr). Suspicion and wishing evil on others' is haraam sister. And you do not know me and or Y and what we have gone through to be together, and how many people wished us to fail as you seem happy to entertain the thought. Haraam sister, haraam. Please don't give me any evil eye. And remember suspicion is a sin.

Pixie said...

All: Lol, I am not stuck anywhere. I could live in Canada (and indeed I went back there and saw my husband just two months ago and he phones me every 2nd night) and I might move to Saudia with Y but right now I prefer to be in Oman, because my imaan is high here, and I feel safe and happy. There is a special blessing on this place actually, actually it came to Islam in the Prophet Mohammed's time, without ever raising arms against him, or him setting foot on the place. There are many hadith about the special blessing Allah SWT has give Oman.