Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Test for any Student of Knowledge, before they can teach others as they know

Before I start posting the first segment on Sects in Islam on ILH, I want to share the following story on adab:

There is a Sheikh at an Islamic teaching institution (both of which shall remain nameless, because I hear he uses this test to the day) who had a student of his who was almost ready to graduate and move on to teach students of his/her own. This student knew all the Sheikh could teach him/her about the ways of the Prophet Mohamed sallalahu alahi wa salaam, at least in memory, and Qu'ran, but the Sheikh just had to make sure. He felt it was his responsibility that all his students inform others about Islam in the manner of it's beloved Prophet.

So the Sheikh struck up a point with his young protege, about salat, which the student adamantly believed, no KNEW to be incorrect. And despite being presented with his student's daleel in an Islamic manner (proper adab/manners) the Sheikh refused to see his protege's point.

This made the student very frustrated and angry.

When the Sheikh insisted his student aknowledge the Shiekh as his/her teacher, and his way also correct, the student grew stubborn, but more than that, the student grew proud, and condemned his/her beloved teacher for their ignorance.

The Shiekh knew he was being ignorant, and had planned it thus. For the Qu'ran warns all believers, especially those of knowledge who would impart it, that they will be tested by the ignorant, even among those who claim to be Muslims: "Hatred flows out of their mouths and what they hide in their chests is far worse.... When they meet you they say, "We believe," but as soon as they leave, they bite their fingers out of rage towards you." [3:118-120]. And warns also of those with delusions of their own grandeur: "If something good happens to you, they hurt, and if an affliction befalls you, they say, "We told you so," as they turn away rejoicing. "[9:50-52].

But he wanted to see if his student was ready for the task of being a teacher of Islam, and understood all this. That the student could teach without being tricked by Shaytaan.

The Shiek's student failed his test, even though the student's KNOWLEDGE was quite correct.

Because of the student's adab.

Seeing the student in a rage, proud and haughty, the Shiekh told the student that actually the whole debate had been but a test to see his student's understanding of Islamic manners in debate. And the Sheikh told the confused but humbled student they still had a few more years of study to go, since they had become angry with another Muslim for a matter that was not a sin against the honor of Islam, and because of their misplaced pride.

For the Messenger of Allah has said: "Anger comes from the Shaytaan/ the devil..."(Dawud, Narrated Atiyyah as-Sa'di) . And "“ The strong is not the one who over comes the people by his strength” "But the strong is the one who controls his own self while in anger."

As for pride?

It is of Shaytaan, unless it is wholly for the sake of Allah, and none for one's own self or reputation. For the Quran says of Shaytaan: "Allah says, 'He was proud and he was of the disbelievers.' [Soorah Saad (38): 74], and the Prophet Mohamed says "'He will not enter Paradise who has even a speck of pride in his heart.'" [Saheeh Muslim] .

Allah advises us in the Holy Quran to guard ourselves from pride in arguing over the meaning of ayat in a way for our own glory or misguidances: "'Verily, those who dispute about the Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) of Allah, without any authority having come to them... is nothing else in their breasts except pride? So seek refuge in Allah.' [from being like these people].' [Surah Ghafir].

I think it is the perfect lesson to remember as we start this content, for as commentators on the last post remarked, since this section will be about sects, there'll be some major differences of opinion.


AlabasterMuslim said...

Mashallah very good post!!

Pixie said...

Alabaster Muslim: Thank you. From a very good man. MashAllah I love this Sheikh, and hope Allah grants him a high place in Jannah, ameen.