Saturday, January 22, 2011

fashion sets to come

I want to post some fashion sets I made while I was bored for old time's sake, so stay tuned.


Aisha from Sweden said...

Salam alaikum :)

This is the first time I post a comment to your blog although I've been following it (and reading old articles) since this summer. I also sent you an e-mail but don't know if you've read it.

But I just wanted to say that I really love your blog! I read it on a daily basis and find it very interesting. Although I do not know you, it feels like we have much in common. You have been a great inspirational source for me. Thanks to you, I made one of the hardest decisions in my life so easy. I put hijab on.

May Allah SWT grant you lots of happiness in your life.

Love Aisha

sue. said...

assalamualaikum. hello dear..i am muslim..and i am new on wearing keep learning about hijab...try to not wearing hijab like Orthodox jew, catholic nun aor orthodox christian nun. i loved so much ur blog..keep writing..

with love,

Nsa Adenan said...

can't wait...

Anonymous said...

Hi - I am a Western, non-Islamic woman, and my husband and I are considering a move to Qatar. I understand that your blog is primarily about fashion as it relates to religious observance, but I wonder if you would be so kind as to answer some questions about dressing in a way that is respectful in a Muslim environment.

I am aware that Qatar is relatively permissive of non-Islamic women in their dress, that shoulders should be covered, necklines not too low, and skirts should not be too short. I am less clear on whether knees and elbows should be covered.

I would be interested to know your thoughts on this in more detail. Most of my work suits at home are on the knee, not below it. That is, you might see part of my kneecap, and when sitting, possibly a little higher. Is that too high to be acceptable? If I were to lengthen the skirts with a couple of inches of contrasting lace, would that be enough to become acceptable? I would rather buy a new wardrobe than cause offence, but my current wardrobe comes from Central America and is well suited to the Qatari climate. It is harder to find light suits with long skirts

Also, is it socially acceptable for women to wear trousers (slacks) as well as skirts? I have seen nothing written on this question.

I would also be interested to know your thoughts about whether, how, and to what extent a non-Islamic woman could adopt aspects of local dress without causing offence. (For example, as a Catholic, I am offended when non-Christians adopt rosary beads as a fashion accessory, and I would think it strange if someone wore a church headcovering with a very short skirt).

Can you give any idea of what is acceptable on the beach/in the pool area? Does it make a difference whether one is on a public beach or a private beach/pool in an apartment complex or compound? (Keeping in mind that in an apartment complex there might still be hundreds of people with access, some of whom might be locals, whereas compounds are smaller and I presume more likely to be mainly Westerners).

Is it acceptable for domestic staff to see one in more permissive clothing? In other words - if I hired a local/Islamic maid, would it be necessary to continue to dress modestly at home to be respectful to her? I would not want to make anyone who worked for me uncomfortable, but in a warm climate I would probably prefer to wear shorts and tee shirts at home if possible. On a related note, is it acceptable for domestic staff to see behaviour that would not be acceptable in public (eg, my husband and I holding hands or kissing - we're quite "touchy" at home).

I'm sure I seem very naive but I hope you will answer my questions. As a visitor I am very keen to do the right thing. Many thanks and may Allah bless you in your current trials.

Convert_chica said...

Assalaamu Alaikum,

Good! I have missed your fashion posts :)

So how has your fashion sense changed since going to Oman--I'd love to know :)