Sunday, January 16, 2011


Asalamu alaykom ramatullahi wa barakato:

First off, thank you ALL for your letters of support pertaining to this post. Keep 'em coming:) InshaAllah everything will happen as it is meant and work itself out with time and dua.

Second, I really, really hope my parents don't read this blog because SOMEONE is likely to try and mess up my life again by telling my non-muslim father who I haven't told yet (and who I'd like to calm with a visit to this beautiful country I am in first)... So YOU-KNOW-WHO, please, if you read this, leave me alone to live my life. Do not try to sabotage my decisions so you can laugh and say "I told you so" taking delight in any difficulty that befalls me. The Qu'ran itself warns Muslims against people like you have exhibited yourself to be, saying: "If something good happens to you, they hurt, and if an affliction befalls you, they say, "We told you so," as they turn away rejoicing." [9:50-52].

That is sign enough for me that I don't [and really shouldn't] take your advice, or trust you, as people who "rejoice in saying I told you so" and when something good happens to me "they hurt" are those who come from the path that leads to fire and away from mercy.

When I told YOU-KNOW-WHO-YOU-ARE I married Y you tried to make my life hell and tried to wreck that marriage, and so many peoples lives were wrapped up in a cat-n-mouse game your wus-wus [whispers of doubts ect] brought upon us.

Boxie, Y, and I, our lives will never, ever be the same. My heart was broken. Her heart was broken. Y cried everytime he prayed. KH feels less than he did before, Allah forgive us all for all that we did wrong, and praise-be-to-Him, for all the understanding and right He subhanhu wa'ta'ala guided us to.

BTW, KH, isn't really the Khaleel of the fictional story in the "how to live like an Omani princess" blog. Only a few incidents therein are even the slightest bit on KH. The events might be similar to what happened to us all, but none of the sentiments are after a certain point. It is a story meant to be exciting. Get over it, and don't read into things too much.

And I don't hate you, I just pity you. And ask Allah to forgive you, and guide you, because despite everything you have wrecked upon yourself and others and all the lies you told me and Y, P, Dr. N, KH et all, ALHAMDULILAH also, our lives will never be the same.

Boxie, Y, and I, we all decided, our lives will be BETTER. And I am so happy YOU-KNOW-WHO-YOU-ARE-IF-YOU-ARE-READING-THIS. My life is good. You just want it to be bad.

Know I am not afraid of you, should you return here, because KH knows you despite the fact that he will always be kind to you, and above all, knows my character to be more than that of what would be my inheritance had you your way. And should you play at legalities and sympathies in an attempt to take my security and friends away from me again, I had a Muslim witness to the curse you put on me, to not be able to concieve any children. They know you for what you are now. Your ability to "see the future" is not your gift, but JINN/demons trying to trick you, either to commit suicide or to give you flase pride, I don't know, and as for anywitchraft from spells and curses, Allah is stronger than His Creation, and I do believe, love is stronger than hate. What Allah wills, no other can disallow or stop, and what Allah does not will, no other can provide or create. I am QUITE content with that, actually ;)

You-know-who-if-you-are-reading this: I still love you. I hope you get better one day, inshaAllah. Know that I am praying for you.

Third, ILH, readers, apparently I was cursed to have an empty womb, but I kinda wanna start a little family so keep me in your duas. I am not a huge power-giver to curses kind of person. Allah can undo any curse or spell wrought, and as I already said, love is waaaaaaaaaay stronger than hate.

Fourth, now YOU-KNOW-WHO is probably reading this part going, why'd you want to write this to internet blog Muslimah readers if you don't want me to go and spread it to your family, but Muslimahs, by their strength of being Muslimahs, even virtual strangers, are closer to me in many ways, than blood can ever attain in its jahliliya.

Fifth, ILH readers who love me for the sake of Allah, and who I love for the sake of Allah, and who love what Allah and His Messenger allowed us, and abstain from what they forbid us by the will of Allah, I want to announce to you something that may make the less knowledgeable of you dislike me, or think I am somehow different from you.

I am no longer the only wife in my marriage. And I am happy Allah has given my husband and I and my new sister-wife the strength to do so, supporting eachother, and wanting for eachother what we want for ourselves. While this kind of marriage suits me better than other sisters as I want a bit-of-away time from being loved (NOT TO DO WITH NOT LIKING SEX ;p) adored protected and amused by my husband, I like to do things that I myself just like to do without that being selfish. {I find it highly selfish of myself to drag a husband around to look at stuff he doesn't like to see ect or to spend time with my girlfriends when he is waiting and wants to spend time with me and can't enjoy those things as much in that position}, and having no Muslim family beyond my husband, really, really like having a Muslim sister to be close to who can help me grow in things, and support the marriage and personal growth.

Some members of our families and friend circles (even the Muslim ones) surely reject this part of Islam, but honestly sisters, when you become a Muslim, or if you are born a Muslim, know that your husband DOES have the right to take another wife in his religion. Fairness wise, the clause does NOT give you the right to determine what is fair. As demonstrated in the sunnah of the Prophet Mohamed and many of the men of the sahaba, fairness is that the man must be able to financially [while the wives have equal rights to things a 2nd-4rth wife can ask for less than the first if she likes], physically [if the wife wants she should get, as if she was an only wife], time-wise [should be equal unless either wife forgoes this], and emotionally [women have different needs so this one varies], provide for all whom he marries. He does not need your permission to do so if he knows he can manage all of the above, on the condition stipulated in the Qu'ran where it allows up to 4 wives: wives should be FROM THE FOLLOWING TYPES OF WOMEN: orphans [an orphan woman in Islam is any woman who has no living Muslim maharam], widows & divorcees with children who cannot be maintained by the man's sadaqah/charity honorably.

But it is NOT halal to marry without the knowledge of any wife he was married to previous. Marriages must be announced publically or they can cause serrious fitnah, such as accusations of adultery and fornication, which disapate respect, and destory communities and families.

*This marriage works only if a. the man understand his 1st wives mental and emotional strength well enough to gauge if such a marriage would make her suicidal ect or if he'd even be able to do it and sustain it, and if the women behave as Muslims are to act. Muslimahs must accept this part of Islam, they can't just pick and choose, saying "that isn't for me and I couldn't do it."

Did you know? Um Salamah (one of the mothers of the believers) TURNED down the Prophet SAW's original marriage proposal (after having previously turned down marriage proposals from both Abu Bakr & Umar) saying she couldn't do it "because she was a jealous woman."? He told Hind bint Banu Makhzum Abu Umayyah (aka Um Salamah): "then pray to Allah for Him to remove your jealousy". She then accepted. And as we can see from studying the seerah, [the history of Islam while the Prophet was alive], she was very happy.

Though a woman in Islam IS allowed to seek divorce if she cannot reconcile herself to being in a marriage with more than one wife besides herself, her husband has not committed a sin against her in the religion if he does not reject her or favour the other wife over her. But in the case of divorce, a woman CANNOT ask her husband to divorce her for expedience or family or tribal custom, as the husband IS NOT ALLOWED TO divorce his wife, in order to marry another. That IS HARAAM from him.

My husband will be the first to say, it is INCREDIBLY hard, and not really something that he wanted. I am a rare woman in that I may have wanted him to do so more than he did. Being emotionally fair to one woman is hard (knowing what she needs to feel secure and loved), and financially and physically it means he might have to work twice as hard as other men.
But make sure you marry a man knowing he KNOWS the responsibilities, is a good fair and just men fearing Allah, in the first place, or you will find yourself in an unfair situation with a husband who rejects you and is unjust.

But do not take it as something against yourself if you cannot fulfill everything in your husband's life, as no person was meant to do that for another, only Allah is that for us. Understand the blessing it can be.

For me, and in my experience, while IT CAN BE A CHALLENGE, I find it more rewarding, and easier for me actually.

And to read what I had written before about the subject previously before allowing myself to be in the situation I quite happily in now:


Anonymous said...

Hiii congrats and may Allah always keep as strong and good as you are..wish u the very best truly.


Sarah Bint Muhammad said...

May Allah protect you from the evil eyes and Hassad of people.

AlabasterMuslim said...

Asalaamu Alaikum!!
I am so happy for you and your family. May Allah subhana wa ta'ala keep you, your husband, and sister-wife (lol) happy together. May He also grant you as many children as you can handle. Ameen!! And don't let the haters get to you- there are so many women in this situation who never thought they would be, not in a million years, and look at us now. :)

AlabasterMuslim said...

Sorry if I am way off- is boxie his new wife??

Umm Aaminah said...

Salaam sis and mabrook! :-) Yes there will be some who will be unhappy or confused by your decision but as a Muslimah I understand perfectly your decision and while it is not for every sister OR every brother, there are those who can practice polygyny in the correct way and everyone is content.

My husband related this story to me once: A man with 4 wives brought home a ring to his wife. Of course he also gave one to each of his wives because that is part of being fair. He told each wife, I give this to you to show that I love you the best. He told each wife not to divulge what he had said or given to them. Each wife walked around happily, keeping her husband's secret.

A few days later, some jealousies erupted and all 4 came to him, accusing the other and this one and that one and demanded to know whom he loved the best.

He said, "The one I love the best is the one I gave a ring to in secret".

Hahaha. I thought this was cute and funny with quite a bit of Arab machismo thrown in but gave me a giggle nonetheless.

Praying for NOTHING but the best for you sis in this life and the next,

Ma salaama..... :-)

American Niqabi said...

Salam alaikum. First-congradulations on the marriage. :)
Second- I am so glad that you posted the first half of this post. I recently got into a huge fight with someone who, among other things, would frequently said "i told you so" or some variation of it that was appropriate for the situation. Since our last arguement, I haven't quite been able to release my anger towards here until I read your post, especially the quote from the Quran. I can't exactly explain it, but after reading that quote, I'm just not mad at her anymore. I can't explain it. So thank you for posting that quote and thank you for posting the entire first half. It inspired me.
Again, congrats on the marriage and I'll be praying that you are able to have a child.

candy olive said...

salaam pixie

Havent been here for a while.
Wow you have grown! I remember you saying once that you'd never accept being a co-wife.

Alhamdulillah, you have seen the benefits.

Sometimes we find the right man who we love and who loves us.
Him loving other wives is not a limit placed on his love for you.
It still has lots of room to grow for Allah is the source of Love. And Allah is not bound by limitations.

Pixie, I feel a sense of sadness somehow for you. I think because it can be difficult to be a co-wife in practice. I'm guessing the green monster may not go away completely. And there'll be times when your husband may not have enough time for you. (Although this is true of monogamous husbands too:)

Also sad because you'll receive a lot of criticism and will have to explain your marital relationship to everyone you meet. And they won't understand.

But I totally agree that what you have is halaal.
That it can work.
That it has benefits the monogamous world doesn't know of.
That it can be really beautiful relationship, more fulfilling than monogamy.

May Allah bless you, your husband and your new sister.

PS What has Boxie got to do with all this?

candy olive said...

Wait! If Boxie is your new sister-wife then alhamdulillah for that.

You have been friends for a long time right?

Anonymous said...

I will keep you in my dua with respect to having children. But have you seen a specialist (not just a physician)? What about IVF? Perfectly halal. I bet it's just a question of time. This comment is totally creepy lol. Stay strong, inshaAllah.

American Niqabi said...

Salam alaikum I never really liked the idea of polygamy, but your comment about how since you dont have any Muslim family other than your husband it would be nice to have a Musilm woman so close to you made me rethink my opinions about polygamy. I'm the only Muslim in my family as well and I'm not married yet. I haven't completed embraced the idea of having to share a husband, but that comment made me think that it would be nice to have another Muslim woman who I could talk to and depend on no matter what inshallah. I'm much more open to it now and if someday my future husband were to want a second wife, I think I would be alright with it inshallah. You're very inspiring mashallah.

Anonymous said...

Bismillah -- First I wanna say to another particular person who wrecked havoc in my own, and Pixie, AND Boxie's life.

"*I-Know-Who WHO ACCUSED ME OF HARAAM ACTIONS AND STEALING MY FRIEND'S MONEY* (even though we all eventually found out who it was in the end)": WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND!!!! And if I ever see you again, I will gladly ring your scrawny little neck and not look back for all the fitnah and anger you caused. You thought you were so cool screaming in your ugly sqwauking voice with your stupid accent at me that night but guess what I made a silent prayer that YOU will be revealed for YOUR lies, slander, gossip, TRICKS and evil-doing. And guess what -- IT HAPPENED. When I go to Oman again, it won't be ME who is ashamed to show my face, it will be YOU because everyone knows what a cheater & liar you are. Not only that, ALLAH knows, and when you were busy whispering lies into my friends' ears about me, you had 3 fingers pointing back & from what I heard you already got a good beating once but believe me "You-Know-Who" you haven't had a taste of me or heard about my high-school fights but I would gladly give show you LoL SORRY PIXIE TO SAY ALL OF THIS BUT THIS GIRL ACCUSED ME OF SO MANY BAD THINGS, STOLE MY MONEY AND THEN BLAMED ME FOR STEALING OUR FRIEND'S SAVINGS AND I NEVER GOT THE CHANCE TO TELL HER HOW I FEEL UNTIL NOW. Uffff... Anyways.... My dear Pixie, I knew you were a co-wife but didn't say anything until YOU felt comfortable to share. Well, I am sincerely happy for you and hubby. And I really believe he is a good man who can handle the marriage just by the things you tell me. I ask Allah to bless your new family and make this endeaver easy for all of you, ameen. I love you fisibillah and can't wait for the waleemah <3 Hayyakum Allah xoxo

Aalia Friend of Pixie

Pixie said...

Nanusa: Jazzakallahkheir sis. I just emailed you back;)

Sarah Bint Muhumad: Ameen sis, to your dua.

Alabster Muslimah: Glad it was usueful, that old Qu'ran ;)

No, Boxie is not the co-wife lol. She and I have COMPLETELY DIFFEREST taste in men. I always end up with athletes who care about words, and she goes for the ones who kinda geeky in a I-read-comics kind of way, enjoy chatting about DNA. I don't really love science as much she and her future husband do lol.

Pixie said...

Um Aaminah: what a cute story. Bet the wives all felt s-m-rt after that lol :XD

American Niqabi: wa alaykom e salaam ramatullahi wa barakto, glad that old Qu'ran came in useful ;)

Candy Olive: Wa alaikom e salaam ramatullahi wa barakto. No Boxie is not the co-wife, see comment to Alabaster Muslimah:)

Nope, it wasn't me who said I'd never be a cow-fe only that I'd never be a co-wife to a man who didn't understand what the Qu'ran and sunnah ruled in regards to co-wives:D. Though I did once famously say I'd never wear anything black and run around daily in mainly black abayas now:)

Jazzakallah kheir for your best wishes, and may I be counted among the least jealous of women, cuz co-wife is a little jealous, and 2 jealous women make trouble lol:D

Boxie was hurt by someone who hurt alot of people, who hurt my husband, who hurt my Omani friend through hurting me, ect... She was traveling with me when my life got turned upside down by this person's actions and slandering, and she was a victim of the consequences of that. She stuck by me through it all though, even when I went half mad lol. I owe her alot. We can only be sorry to Aalia though, who ANOTHER person who used slander and theiving to cause a rift between we 3 girls. May Allah unite us and make us strong (and mentally secure) in that friendship again. Enough from you thieves, backbiters, and witches PLEASE LOL. Ameen.

Pixie said...

Anon: nope. totally logical, not totally creepy. Thinking on it, but it is rather expensive. InshaAllah all works out. I am not old enough yet to spend that kind of money. I'll pray for now:)

Pixie said...

American Niqabi: My co-wife is super smart, and very aware of the country we live in, and she has alot to teach me. She also speaks arabic as a first language so that makes life easier since it is not my first language. Also, we help eachother with understanding men in different situations. I.e sometimes we do something because we want our husband to do something, and what we do makes husband do the opposite. But when he is with one wife, he can explain this to her, so she can tell the other wife how to better get what she wants. It works quite well for us;) cuz I have a temper [though not very jealous] and she's jealous, and we both know how to advise the other how to understand hubby better. There are things Westerners know more about men than Arab ladies, and vice versa:)

Hmmm, what other benefits, so you aren't scared to death?

Well from a Western background, I was used to mix social settings, and I miss that, hanging out with a guy friend and my girlfriends together. Well, when co-wife and I are with husband as a group, it is like a "friend outing" not a wife-husband outing, so it is very relaxed and something that is not halal otherwise. I find this very enjoyable. Husband has to be responsible not to be overtly flirting and pay polite attention to both wives, but this is the only way in Islam you can get that kind of relationship:)

Pixie said...

aalia: LOL, glad you got it all out. Don't worry, KH knows not to trust her so he won't be bringing any helpless, naive reverts to her clutches anymore, and I saw her when she got beaten up (not by me people!) and really, no one deserves that, I don't care what evil falls of their tongue. InshaAllah Guide her and forgive her, and protect her from the others of evil, and her own, ameen.

[hehehe, wanting for others what I want for myself is a most important concept for the Muslimah;)]

candy olive said...

Is the new wife an orphan, divorced? you mentioned this as a pre-requisite to accepting co-wife.

Pixie, I've been open to polygyny since I was sixteen. People thought I was mad. Even Muslims.

But I tell these people: If you found a man who would care for you, would clean up after himself, provide for you and not ask for your money even though you were wealthy, would make time for you. And loved you for the sake of Allah and also romantically, would you deny yourself such a relationship simply because he has other wives?

I wouldn't. Good men who mirror the Prophet's character are hard to find, though there are many. I found such a man and married him. And he knows that I accept polygyny. He doesn't like the idea of polygyny. He is dead set against it.

But I told him sometimes the situation is right for it. Like any marriage you only do it if it will make your life better.

I think it works beautifully for some people who enter into it with open minds and open hearts. Knowing it won't be the movie-perfect romance but if there is love, respect and goodwill amongst co-wives and husband, it makes all the relationships stronger.

It can be bad though, if the wives are mean to each other.

Marriage is not about sex only. Which is what puts most people off about polygyny. It is 90% the other stuff. And if you have a great husband that you have to share, at the end of the day you still have a great husband. Alhamdulillah!

Insha Allah, may Allah help your husband to care for you and your sister-wife. May you all take care of each other.

PS sorry. I read that post you wrote long time ago about co-wives again and I see that I remembered wrong.

Anonymous said...


First time I hear positives from a co wife about polygny. May Allah reward you for all the good that you do, ameen.

I actually thought you were married to MOP from omani princess blog. Im confused?

Anyways, please keep blogging and when are you gona blog with pictures again? miss them lol


Anonymous said...

salaamu alaikum

mobarek on the marital situation...hey if it works...mashallah...if not...mashallah...its all up to Qadr!

definetly forget those silly people and their silly backbiting and lies...Allahu alim...they will be dealt with on the day of Judgement...Allahu alim!

en'shallah you can concieve soon! en'shallah... Next time I burn esfand to rid us of the evil eye...I'll say a doa'a for you too :-)

nida said...

I commend you for your strong faith Pixie, I don't believe polygyny is right for everyone, but if it's done for the right reasons it can work out great for all parties involved.

I am sorry to hear that someone is making your life miserable – may Allah make it easy for you. I pray Allah gives you success in all of your endeavors - you are a great lady Pixie.

Alice said...

Assalam alaikum

Congrats on getting what you wanted. Please don't worry that some people may not understand, criticize. It's only important it's legal in the eyes of God, it's not against religion and it's also not against the law of the country. It's not a crime, everything is legal and decent. If some people can't accept polygyny CULTURALLY or due to their narrow minds, it's THEIR problem.
I'm a defender of "proper" -fair, done by smart mature people- polygyny. If it suits some people and sometimes is the best solution for them, why are others to pity, criticize, look down on their situation or even talk about it? It's none of others' business. If it suits the people involved - that's all that matters. It's legal, it's proper, it's decent, it's NORMAL. It should be treated as something normal.

It's funny though, only recently I realized that generally CULTURALLY polygyny is treated as something abnormal and negative in Muslim society in the Middle East. I have a friend, who's a second wife to her Egyptian husband. The curious thing, she entered this marriage while she was a Western Christian woman. Yet SHE being a western woman found it normal and was prepared to build a neutral, peaceful, civilized relationship with the first Muslim wife and maybe even a friendship if that would suit both wives. Yet, it was the first wife and the husband himself and all the Muslim relatives that created the atmosphere of a scandal, rivalry, HOSTILITY, tension. My friend is puzzled- they are Muslims, from a society where it's practiced by some, should not they be used to the idea of polygany without all the DRAMA? These people culturally (maybe thanks Arab soap operas) don't accept the idea of such marriages as something normal, neutral, not-big-deal in their minds. Somehow they immediately presume negativity, problems. As if it's totally impossible for co-wives to tolerate each other well or even become friends.

So, I'm happy you got a wonderful co-wife and that both of you can enjoy a friendship. Mashallah. May it always be this way. Only positivity, support, respect and peace.

Umm Kadhim said...

Salaam aleikoem sister

Mabrook! This post is such an inspiration. My husband has told me that he doesn't want a second wife but I said to hm that if he ones one (a second wife) I will respect that. When I became a muslimah (7 years ago) I always said that I'll never accept a co-wife. I guess I grow in my iman ;-)

Pixie said...

candy olive: divorced, with children. :) and we are almost the same age. Both younger than my husband but she is older than me:)

Pixie said...

All [since I got someone mean commenting on another blog]: I'd totally be willing to even add a third [couldn't afford it now] or a fourth [if husband retired from work]. I like to 4 days in a row with my man once in a while. Right now we do 3 then 4, 4 then 3. If there were four wives it would have to be 2 for each, which, I admit, would be harder. Amazing women the Prophet's wive are, right? Mashaallah.

Zaenab said...

Oh gosh, this idea completely sickens me but if you're happy that he has married an Arabic woman and think you can all live happily together then all the best to you :)

Life's Balance Beam said...

AS Salamualaikum pixie,

First i would ike to say May Allah continue to reveal/outcast this individual who has caused harm to yourself, and the people you care about! Ameen! What a HORRIBLE thing to wish on someone!!! to not have children? Authu Billahi minir shaytaanir rajeem!!!

Secondly, Please please PLEASE say your khuls and ayatul kursi as MUCH as possible!!And Inshaallah within due time AlLah will grand you with beautiful babies (ameen) and I will also make du'a for that and for your welfare inshallah. I despise people who wish misery on others, But i know instead of trying to take matters into my own hands, Allah's punishments will be a thousand times better than ANYTHING i can muster up. Even the shame he brings on a sinner is enough!

Also Mashaallah congrats on the marriage and situation! I admire the fact that you are one of the RARE sisters who can deal with this! Alhumdulilahir raabil alameen! I see so many blogs about women bashing their co wives and it makes me sort of sick because i mean... who knows why the co-wife needed to be a co-wife in the first place right? Alahu alilm

May Allah Bless you, and your Family, and Friends that were caught up in this issue, and May he Bless you to have a comfy womb for a few little ones to bake in, and keep that filthy person AWAY from it ALL!! ALLAHUMA AMEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!

.::Tuttie::. said...

wa salaam!
mashaAllah I am meeting and reading a lot of sisters who are happily living polygyny. I actually wrote a post defending polygamy because MUSLIMS were posting on their blogs about how unfair this kind of relationship is to women and I disagreed.

Anyway you should check out Mai's letter to her co-wife. It's beautiful. mashaAllah!

check this link out from Mai

.::Tuttie::. said...

btw check your spam section because I added a link in the previous comment.

May Allah swt bless you, your marriage and your co-wife's marriage with sakeenah and understanding. AMEEN. May you help each other to attain the highest jannah. ameen.

Nsa Adenan said...

Salam, I love your blog

Anonymous said...

I just want one wife *-*

Sharshura said...

Wow I have totally been out of the loop in your life!! I'm glad your happy and I'm sorry that you have had to struggle the way you did. Allah (swt) gives us trails to make us stronger or to have you learn from it. It seems like you have gotten what you needed.

While I only skimmed your post and may not have caught this detail, the evil eye is a crazy thing and if you know someone that is doing that to you if you can you should cut them out of your life. This person seems very poisonous and will only cause you more pain in the future. Its not worth having that type of negativity in your life.

Insh'Allah things continue to go well in your life and that you continue to be content.

I'll be thinkin' of you ya u5ti!! :~)

lovest said...

ooh! mashallah! im absolutely delighted to learn of the status of your marriage life!
i admire you so much for having taken such a step. not many women now are able to accept such (:

Anonymous said...

I do read your posts on and off! Congrats on your new status and in fact I am gonna ask you a question related to that. May be silly or way too personal!

I have read your earlier blog where you spoke about help from Muslima sisters while setting-up house in Oman. Now when I read about your sister-wife I was quite surprised. I mean I am married and have one kid,hubby and I are working couple and still I feel having second kid may put education and medical saving for my
daughter and us at toss. Also we are planning to buy our own home in next 5-6 years with help of bank loan. So just out of curiosity I thought will ask you how will you guys manage when tomorrow there may be atleast six kids in family. It is stupid question but just asking out of curiosity.

I pray to Allah for bestowing you with pleasure of being mother. Don't worry I got my kid when I was 30, today I am 32 and I feel all those 2-3 years I was worried about kid didnt help. Have faith on Allah and time, best things are always there waiting for us.


razeena said...

so glad you back posting sorry to read about these people trying to hurt you...may allah keep you protected insha allah..lotsa love