Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Medical Question #1

When I mentioned that I was fortunate to have the oppurtunity to pose some questions to the leading Islamic medical authority in the Sunni Muslim community in KSA, your most popular question dear readers, was is it okay to get injections with pork gelatin or human embryos.

The Question was posed in two cases, routine BUT beneficial injections, and life-saving ones.

In the case of lifesaving injections the good Dr. and Sheikh said there was no question that pork geletin would be allowed in the injection were there no other means available as in the case of a starving man being allowed to eat pork. Eating human beings was never allowed though so in the case of the embryo being older than period Allah said the soul goes into it, then no, you cannot. Before then, he said if there was no other option it was makruh, but not quite haraam.

As for merely beneficial procedures and injections involving pork geletin or human tad-bits. Haram I am afraid, as by avoiding these substances in cases that are not life threatening, we can encourage halal industries and methods to take their place.

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