Thursday, March 24, 2011

SECTS IN ISLAM- writing "Al Khawarij"---also known as Ibadhi

Belated, I bring to you my promised beginning of the study into Sects in Islam by taking a closer look at their own logics and entities. I chose to start with the "Kwararij" because the majority of Muslims consider them to be the first original sect or division in Islam, whereas they [the Ibadhi] maintain that they are the only believers still on the right path, or at the very least, that they have the earliest sahih ahadith collection and that most other Muslims follow scholars or political leaders that have corrupted the Prophet's tradition.

I actually tried very hard to get someone from the Omani Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs to write this piece but his response to me basically was, "seek and you shall find the truth", handing me of a bunch of books they don't give out to the regular convert. Which basically was saying that he trusted me to write honestly my findings.

I was given the titles "Ibadism in History Volume I: The Emergence of the Ibadhi School" by Ali Yahya Muammar, published by the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs; "The Overwhelming Truth, a Discussion of Some Key Concepts in Islamic Theology" by Ahmad b. Hamad al-Khalili [Grand Mufti of Oman], published by the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs; a book they are currently attempting to translate explaining why Ibadhi pray as they do which is unavailable to the general reader at this time; "Al-Khawarij: Reality or Legend" by Juma Muhammad Rashid Al Mazumi, published originally in Tanzania in Swahili. These are my sources from drawing an Ibadhi perspective. Please forgive what I do not know. I do not call myself Ibadhi.

****Hey, I already got one rude and ignorant comment on this post. I knew it was going to be controversial but hey, that was quick, and in good form. So I better make an ammendment****

No anonymous comments are further going to be posted on the exploring sects in Islam series on ILH. Pick an acronym.

Also, don't use insults or a term without an intellectual TECHNICAL & LINGUISTIC account for it.

In case you didn't read, which ANON. [just another ignorant purporting ignorance based on wrong assumptions] obviously didn't, I posted before on the blog, the whole point of this series is to explore terms and definition INTELLECTUALLY, based on their historical date, linguistic make-up, technical definition, purported definitions, ect.

When you call someone "evil" you damn well better have some scholaristic backing for your "new" sect lol.

Anyways, I just wanted to say, anon. you are wrong about the "secret" books. Because.

a. I named the titles of the books that are readily available upon request from the Islamic Ministry of Oman. At your request, they will be made available. They are not "secret" or I'd not have named them, and they certainly wouldn't have given them to a sunni, me, not exactly known for keeping her opinions to herself. The book I did not name is not available as of yet so I won't quote it alot. They were kind enough to loan me their own copy which is still undergoing editing and the whole publishing process. You could say I talked them out of it. I also haven't met yet with their ahadith scholars, but intend to, for a very long sit down about why they don't like some Sahih Al Bukhari ahadiths. I won't call anyone wrong until I know how they are wrong, why they are wrong, and how I might be wrong. It's a new goal for me in this life. You should try it too anon;p

b. They are not regular hand-outs for converts because most converts wanna know how to pray and read Qu'ran and wear hijab, or at least read the seerah before going in depth like Khalili's book really does. It is on intellectual Shariah and alot of other goodies you need a more scholaristic background to get some benefit out of. It is actually a hard read for me in places, a bit like reading an encyclopedia or studying for the bar exam.

c. Since one of the books deals on Shariah law and namely, how an Immamate Caliphate runs, it talks about stuff too in depth for someone who doesn't know how the Prophet Mohamed lived his life and lead the Muslims. For example, in Ibadhism, a Caliph who is corrupt and only claims to be Muslim but leads the people in corruption, must be replaced by way of the book's interpetation of Shariah. The educated religious men of Oman don't really want some idiot only reading one sentance and going out assassinating Sultan Qaboos or something cuz he doesn't get it. They knew from questioning me that I knew enough to not to be dangerous to myself or others. Anon, I'd be iffy on lending YOU the book, cuz you don't know how to read it all and get the big picture.

For those who can't be nice (or even just smart) in the exploring sects edition posts on ILH, why don't you just stick with the fashion posts? Most minds can handle those;D


Anonymous said...

"a bunch of books they don't give out to the regular convert"

Secrets books = evil sect.

Pixie said...

Anon: I just responded to your ignorant comment purporting ignorance by means of misunderstanding. Read the post you commented on under the big red letter for my response. You can't miss it.

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaykum;

I don't think you're evil, Pixie!!!
(Lol, evil pixie, I made a funny!)

Whoever did that was very rude and mean!!! Don't they know it's bad to agravate a pregnant lady?!?!


<3 Anna

Pixie said...

Wa alaykom e salaam Anna: Anon was calling the Ibadhi evil without giving a reason, not me.

LOL, still funny to think of myself as a pregnant lady. My baby is the size of an eyelash right now.

Anonymous said...

Asalaamu alaykum,

Make duah for me; my husband wants for us to wait until he is 27 and I am 24 so I'm twiddling my thumbs until 2015 trying not to bug him about it. :p I know it's good to wait until we have a good store of "the ready" (finances) and the like but it's kinda like walking around with an itch I can't scratch . . .

(We've got married about a year and a half ago; I promise I'm not as young as that post makes me sound!!!)

As for the comment, oopsie, I misunderstood! It still came off as a bit rude, though re-reading it I don't know if that's how it was meant. My apologies to Anon!

Thank you for doing these types of posts; they're so informative!

. . . I will admit that sometimes I have to read through them once or twice before the light bulb comes on! ;)

Peace and love,
<3 Anna

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaykum pixie, Iv enjoyed reading your blog time and time again and no matter how many times i read 1 article i will always learn something different..i love this new Sects in Islam topic ure doing..really interesting mashallah. Please keep up the work..don't be bothered by annoying ppl who just want to stirr u up. Just know 99% of us truly appreciate your work. Jazakallah Khair for sharing the knowledge.
**Bella Vita**

Pixie said...

Anna: InshaAllah the finances fall into place before then but tell your husband in my experience whether the finances are in place or not, Allah provides when He wills us to have children;)

Don't worry, and thanks for defending me from being called evil anyways;p :D

I like sharing my studies. I am loving studying Islamic history right now, especially since I can access Roman, Persian, Sunni, Shia, and Ibadhi sources. I have totally learnt not to allow a single scholar alone to guide me in all matters. It is impossible for a Shiekh to specialise in all things. I think muslims need to remember that.

Pixie said...

Bella Vita: Wa alaykom e salaam ramatullahi wa barakto, thanks for the encouragement. Don't worry, this anon didn't discourage me. I know they were not very good at reading, or let their imagination run wild at a line, lol, I don't know.

I am glad people didn't find my analysis of the different perspectives too dull or biased yet. Since I don't really think I have any Ibadhi readers this section is going to be a lot less heated, I am sure, than Sunni and Shia ones. Allah help us all to maintain brotherhood and keep our wits, and guard our tongues, ameen!:)