Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What abaya styles am I wearing in Oman??? pt. 1

JERSEY BALLOON SLEEVE ABAYAS: Oh how I love these. Number one, they are not hot at all, number two, they are cheap. As in $40-$60 USD. I have both black and numerous prints. They fit on over the head so are pretty hassle free (unless you are breastfeeding or shopping for clothes in a lot of different stores).

WIDE SLEEVE ABAYA (not to be mistaken with flared sleeve of kimono sleeved): In Oman, wide but not flared or kimono-sleeved abayas are major. I have the floral embroidered one pictured above from Al Motihajiba in black. While the colours are lovely, I wear the black one way more. And Al Motihajiba is quality---like $400-800 USD for an abaya so I wanted one that'll last me 10 years. I bought another one with green, red and white crystals one the sleeve for about $160.00 USD from a Kuwaiti abaya boutique in Madinat Qaboos in Muscat.
GRECIAN OR DAS STYLE: Crepe and jersey drapery is all the rage. I call this the Roman/Grecian style. We were the cheap jersey ones day to day but the crepe ones we tend to save for special occasion because they have alot of volume (and tend to stick out of car doors). I have one cheap (about 56.00 USD) jersey version like the one pictured top from the Omani souq, and one quality crepe with a satiny-sheen one like the bottom Noblesse Oblige one (about $340 USD) from Hanayen. All are plain black with oramentation of belts. Makes accessorizing more fun.


Jasmin said...

Assalamualkum sis,

Jaskallah for posting some of the styles you mention, those cuts are adorable. I think I have mention on of the earlier message that I have few abayas I purchased from Arabisqe in Abu Dhabi and they are about USD 800 to 1000 price range and I'm afraid to hand wash them as the sales associate mention it should only be dry clean. I'm totally against the idea of wearing dry clean clothes cuz there's a health hazard. Could you please advice me if I should just take the risk and hand wash them with cold water. How do you wash your expensive abayas? Jasakallah for reading the long message. My email:


Candice said...

Where might a person get a jersey balloon sleeves one online?? Seems really nice and comfy!

Anonymous said...

The before the last one is so nice,where can i get it??

Uzz said...

Im glad to see you back in action! I've been away for a while so its lovely to see your updates! Jazak Allah sis! Do you know where I could get the grecian type abaya from?? It is gorgeous!!

Pixie said...

Jasmine: Asalam alaykom ramatullahi wa barakto. all of my expensive abayas I handwash in cold water with abaya shampoo and air dry. If it is the first time washing bright embroideries I add vinegar to the water to set the dyes in the embroideries.

But if your Arabesque abayas have feathers, fur, or very delicate and intricate french lace (some lace is not delicate so it can be handwashed) then drycleaning is the only way.

None of my abayas require drycleaning.

Pixie said...

candice: I do intend to sell them. I don't know where online as being in the Gulf I've stopped shopping online as long as I have tailors. But I can get you one. Just email me your measurements at

Pixie said...

UZZ: you can purchase a designer DAS style/ Grecian abaya from the designer abaya boutqiues that sell online but they are very expensive. I am also willing to got to place like DAS and Hanayen and give your orders to the tailors, but you will have westernunion me the cost of the garment and the shipping fee, and I charge a small fee to place the order, pick it up, and ship it.
I will try to find less expensive ones but these tend to be more pricey.

Pixie said...

Life of a Muslima: That abaya is by Amal Murad and the brand is Redaa.