Beautiful Muslimah Online Boutique: Starting to Post "Tailoring Your Own Design" Options

Alot of sisters have sent me inqueries about having coloured or custom designed abayaat/jilbabs tailored so I just want to let ILH readers know, I have just started to upload fabric selections and a basic price guide to different cuts and designs. In the guide I'll let you know what types of fabrics are available to make your design and the cost per meter of such (along with advice about which fabrics are best and which are simply a cheap option), how many meters of fabric your design requires, and any additional cost for embellishments like embroidery or crystals, ect.

And more information about designs like Grecian/DAS to come!

For Anna, what colours in Georgette I've managed to find so far (I also have pure silk, linen, and cotton) for coloured abayaat. For less quality ones, I can do poly-satin but I wouldn't recommend it for any place warmer for regular wear.