Abayas that work well with Coloured Shaylas

I am in dire need of a new plain black abaya with minimal detail (doesn't need a shayla) that I can wear Lendli dress underneath with. My old abayas for this detail for Islamiyia style and of the perfect fabric but I have had them for five years now annd they had alot of holes. I want them not overly detailed because I intend to wear village-dress with them, and the "laysu" shawl styled as the hijab on top (less hot and best coverage than anything else I've ever found). I am thinking of having one tailored with Satin cuffs like the one above. Or another Jersey balloon sleeve one but I have about 4 of those already with printed stretch balloon sleeves already.

Omani girls don't really "style" the Lendli" but I am going to invent some new a pretty ways of wrapping it.


Umm Aaminah said…
Salaam sis, please upload some pics of the shawl/scarf you are talking about. I google the images but often there is nothing shown. :-(

Thanks sis...