Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Forums and Youtube, and comments trashing Islam

I just want to write a quick post.

Background. I have a youtube channel that is pretty much defunct that I never use and was thus totally backed up with old comments. Half of them were from people trying to insult me for being Muslim, telling me I am stupid, and the same old same old garbage about slaves, hijab, and the Prophet and Aisha's marriage. I, of course, owe it to them, in the hope that Allah will guide them, to answer and each and every one of their accusations with an accurate truth, polite and patient, as paintstaking (and probably useless) as that task is. Afterall, I put a video up aimed at Muslims mainly, or answering such people, so I did, I guess, put myself out there for them to argue with to begin with.

I could rant and rave forever about how no matter what I say, even if it is logical, even if it tears their accusations to shreds, I will be dismissed as stupid (no matter how educated I am on their religion or beliefs and my own), a traitor to womenkind (no matter how happy and healthy my life is and how free I am in compare to before Islam), a leech on Western society (even if I worked, paid taxes, and worked charity for non-Muslim less fortunates, go figure), or... I must brainwashed (by who I wonder?---it could only be myself since no one else asked me to become Muslim and I had to seek Muslims out). But there is no point. It is Allah's will, as He, subhanhu wa ta'ala says it in the Qu'ran: "There is a seal upon their heart. They are deaf, dumb and blind." So that is not my point in this post.

What I will say is this. Most of these people claim to love Jesus. But I know a true Christian from these people easily. A true Christian walks the walk, and when you ask, talks the talk. All these people do is spend their time messaging Muslims about how stupid and wrong they are, and favouriting videos about stonings in Afghanistan. They talk the talk, and even offer to pray for me to come back to Jesus (as if I left his true teachings, which are laid out clear in the Bible "I am a son of Adam (i.e a man, not God" even if you aren't a Muslim and you take Jesus's word over other people speaking for him in either parts of the book). Anyways.... I just wonder at all this effort they make trying disprove Islam or make a believer sad or *leave* Islam, when they see a video about how a Muslim is just trying to live their life, and talk about their beliefs.

I mean, myself, my videos are about how Islam is in my life, how I believe in it, what I know about it. I don't go searching the net for "Christians or Atheists or what not" are bad or anything, and then writing them messages that they are stupid and my Islam kicks their religon's butt ect.


I click on the link of the Islam-hater who comments and on their channel, why don't I see a video of them talking about their beliefs, explaining their beliefs, living their beliefs? Why don't I see videos explaining how Jesus lived his life favourited, how Christians are supposed to be? What I see is videos about random things (even things contrary to a good Christian life) and the occasional "Mohamed the rapist" and "stoning in Iran" video thrown in. Nothing about God, nothing about Jesus. And they want to pray for me and tell me their way is better than mine by insults, not proof.

I want to laugh at them but honestly, I feel so sorry for them, really. Imagine if they turned their passion for hating and insulting into passion for seeking knowledge? And I mean, real knowledge, real opinion, not just repeating the same thing someone else said without undertanding it and where it came from.

I dont mean this on the blog so much, but in youtube.

Anyways, that is pretty much this random lost in thought post.

Allah guide the disbelievers as it is Your will, and fortify the Muslims in patience and fortitude, and increase our knowledge, ameen.


Gail said...

Assalaam waleikum.
I know what you are saying, when I go to Youtube, I'm locked & loaded for cowards. Cowards are people who lie about or hide their religion from others so they can freely insult them.
I don't argue with them anymore yet I do make the point of them wasting their time being negative towards others.

Gail said...

Assalaam waliekum.
I used to try to get my point across to them but alot of times I just end up saying: "So what?"
This is because they come looking for a fight and in return "so what" cancels their attack. Then I go on the offense and address their negativity.
Seriously, insha'allah a person can't spend hours online and not learn something about Islam then turn around to insult Muslims. It's stupid and I call it bias projecting. Those people have flaws that they need to address in their religion or absence of religion yet it's MUCH easier to insult others to make themselves feel better.
My kind word to them is: "What has your religion been doing for you lately?"