Caftan from Etsy.
This outfit is just about everything French to me. Blue stripes, lipstick red crocodile bag with matching shoes and cloves, a trench capelet, red necktie silk scarf, and beret. I would totally wear this shopping for groceries, touring the French countryside, or sitting at a cafe in the morning.


American Niqabi said…
I'm a bit curious if you would go to France and if so, how would you dress now that the niqab ban is being enforced?
Pixie said…
American Niqabi: I made these style sets for a friend here in Oman who is going to Paris. She doesn't wear niqab unlike me so she shouldn't have any troubles inshaAllah. May Allah help the French Muslimahs.

Honestly, me, if I had to go, and I've thought of going just to make a scene, I'd wear big wide brimmed hats and slant them over my face, or bridal veils and white abayas in a poly satins. Brides in France are still allowed to veil. I'd just pretend everyday was my wedding. I'm not going anytime soon though.