Thursday, June 9, 2011

I am expecting... a girl! :D

I finally found out the sex of the baby... it's a girl!!!!!!!!!!! Alhamdulilah. InshaAllah she is born healthy and a good Muslimah, ameen.

So now I am thinking of names. These are what we have so far. Feel free to leave your suggestions. But remember, it has to be sensible in Arabic, and can't sound dirty or stupid in English either. Which alas, alot of Arabic girls names do.


Amatullah- female servant of Allah [I like]

Fatimah, Fatoum - accustom, Prophet Mohamed's daughter [I like]

Izdihar, Izdihaar - Flourishing, blossoming [I like]

Nashwa - Fragrance, perfume, that which intoxicates

Nuwayrah - Small fire

Sabriyah - Patient

Tamadur - Brilliant [I like]


Afsahneh- A fairy tale [I like]

Roxanna- the dawn, Persian Princess married to Alexander the Great

And I guess I should add the names: Mariam, Khadijah, Asiya, Ruqayah, Zaenab, Narjis, Saffiyah, Sumaiya, Sara, Salma, Asma, Aisha, (most famous of the names) are already out, due to too many people I know having them. I am looking for less common and more beautiful sounding names, but I take into account meaning as well.


Banana Anne said...

Masha'Allah, Masha'Allah! May she grow up to be a strong, healthy, smart, pious Muslimah, Ameen!

I'm a big fan of Amatullah (since Abdullah is the best name for a boy, it makes sense that Amatullah would be the best name for a girl), as well as Khadijah and Sakeenah. I've already resolved to name any future daughter I may have (Insha'Allah) Sarah, because it has a lovely meaning and can be found in many different languages.

I'm also a huge fan of Persian names. They're all gorgeous, but I really like Laleh (tulip), Niyoosha (listener), and Niloufar (water-lily).

I'm Farsilla said...

well wat bout rania ? n if im not mistaken it means garden. n also layla :)


Hijabi Panda said...

Mabrook! Insha Allah she will be a healthy baby. I like Nashwa best :D

Candice said...

Congrats!!!! I'm pregnant too so I'm also going through names a lot and our favourites for a girl are:
Iman, Lana, Safiya (although I was hoping using Sofia wasn't too much of a spelling stretch), Ayah, Sumaya, Sajidah
Our first daughter is Nora.
I like Amatullah a lot. Such a beautiful meaning!

Convert_chica said...

Asalaamu alaikum,

Congrats :)! I really like Nashwa, Tamadur, and Afsahneh--they're not overly common and they sound pretty to me.

Anonymous said...

Zaneb, Zainab: Granddaughter of Prophet. A strong, incredible woman that led the victims of a horrible event with her incredible confidence, intelligence, love, strength and gift from Allah ensuring the message of Islam continued to this day.

Anonymous said...

Mabrook to you dear sister!!! :)
The names you are concidering are very beautiful :)
All the best to you!

Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way I also think Safiyah (meaning: Sincere friend) and Asyah (I read some places that the meaning of Asyah is "sunrise") and Azeema (meaning: mighty) are beautiful names :)
Good luck finding a name :)

Shameem Khan said...

Salaam Sis! and congrats on the baby! May Allah bless her to be a solehah girl! Ameeen.

I love the name SHANUM - it means Allah's blessing, dignity.

Maybe you could do some research to find a suitable name and ask Allah for guidance to help you choose the best name


Umm Hamza said...

Masha'Allah! Mabrook! May Allah grant you comfort through the rest of your pregnancy and give you a safe and healthy delivery Ameen!
I love the names. My husband made a deal with me, I can pick the names for our children as long as they're from the family of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). So far I have Safiya (Prophet's Aunt) and Hamza (Prophet's uncle), Alhamdulillah. So my favorite from this list for your daughter would have to be Fatima. Salams!

Nanusa said...

Mubrook..,that's great..inshallah she is healthy and normal...I'm expecting my second girl too..I was thinking of Layla or mariya (prophets wife) first is many weeks r u now..??r u going to deluvernin Oman or go back to Canada??wish u the best..

Anonymous said...

Awww, Mabrook! & Ameen to your du'a.

I really like Roxanna. What about Zainab? I think it's gorgeous and not too weird sounding to non-Muslims..

ArabInTheWest said...

Assallamu Alikum
Mabrroookk <3 May Allah swt make her one of the great followers of Islam.
Other names:
Raniah : Arabic name means contented
Maha: Arabic names, means beautiful eyes
Sireen: Arabic name , unsure of meaning. But in english also "serene" which is peaceful
Lina : Arabic name mentioned in quran means baby palm tree, and also tender

sweetlikechocolate said...

masbrook! May Allah bless her and always keep her the coolness of your eyes. Ameen

meidhita anjani said...

these are the best woman ever on earth : (according to hadits)

I prefer asiyah since it is quite easy or familiar to pronouce it in English. As easy as 'Asia'.

Anonymous said...

Name her pixie!!! No just joking!

I like Nuwayrah, other nice names are tooooo common. Do you want more meaning or the way it sounds?

The girl in the pic looks like my neighbour, lol.


Pixie said...

I like the suggest Sireen, reminds me of an Irish name I like.

I am inshaAllah having the baby in Oman not Canada, and thank you all for your kind words and suggestions. Keep them coming;)

I get to choose mainly but my husband has to like too. He said no to alot of sahabi names I liked because they are very common where we live. Or we have family with them;)

Yasmin (Umm Zayd) said...

Masha'Allah, may she be healthy and strong. I reallly like Amatullah, Izdihaar, and Nashwa (all names of friends I have). I also like Rayaan which is a gate in Jannah. I like the name Raghad too but I know its common in the middle east too. InshaAllah you'll choose a beautiful name that'll suit her.

Anonymous said...

asalaamu alaikum, aww mabrook! mabrook!!!

As far as Arabic names go...I like Izdihaar...sounds beautiful...mashallah

Since ur open to Persian names, some traditional persian names are gorgeous...

such as...laleh which means tulip, Anargol which means pomegranet flower, Baran which means rain. Ziba which means beautiful (i.e. dokhtarat zibast! Your daughter is beautiful), also Zinat which means purity, Vajiheh (argh, forget the meaning!)...and others...if u want more...lemme know!

Mashallah sis... your in my doa'at that you have a easy pregnancy, delivery and beautiful, healthy little girl who is a righteous Muslimah! ameen

Anonymous said...

There is also the Persian Shireen which means sweet.

Anonymous said...

assalamu alaykum and congrats

i havent read all the comments so forgive me if im repeating.

just curious as to why you would choose persian? are you or your husband descended from there?
not that it matters :p

anyway, my daughter's name is persian in origin. it is Jullanar (Jul-la-naar) Its not common at all (if thats what youre looking for) and she was the wife of the famour army commander who led the muslims in the victorious battle against the Tatars. Her husbands name was Qutuz. she died a shaheedah in the battle. the actual meaning of her name though is 'the blossom of the pomegranite'

oh and another name i love, after the Sahabiyah Umm Sulaym, is Rumaysa. that was her first name.

hijabi said...

Assalaam aleikoem

Mabrook a girl!

I like Aaliyah, Maryam, Iman, Laylah, Hayaat, Jannah, Fatemeh, Zahra, Zainab, Narjis, Asiyah, Amenah, Bilqis, Nafisa, Rubab, Rahima, Nasibah.

May Allah make your delivery very easy and smooth and grant health to you and your child.

ArabInTheWest said...

Im glad you liked Sireen :D It's spelling in arabic is: سيرين
Bin Ali, the ex-Tunisian president had a daughter called Sireen, that's when i searched it up, as I thought it was an english name.
Another nice name too mashaAllah, is Nisreen: نسرين

Anonymous said...

Mabrook dear sister. Inshallah, May all go well thruout pregnancy and delivery. I have a few names for you. Eg. Nusheen and shireen in farsi. Irum, lamiya, Anam, and Marium in Arabic and Urdu.
Kindly remember not to keep names that are forbidden eg. Assiya, the sister who has mentioned this name in one of your comments, probably does not know that this is a name which is forbidden by Allah swt.
Please remember to read Surah Marium during pregnancy.
Fi amaan Allah.
Naush (Nausheen)
A Creative Mom in Dubai

Anonymous said...
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Stylish Muslimah said...

Aww congratulations! I like the name Nashwa :)

poshnmodest said...

Aslkm, congrats on your pregnancy! And its a girl, MashAllah! I have a little girl and I called her Rania, means happy and content :)

Taya* said...

Assalaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!!! A girl that is wonderful mashaAllah.. I'm so very happy for you my dear. I think you should name her Amatullah..there aren't enough around and its such a good name and a wonderful meaning mashaAllah. (if you ask me :)) Anyways, I'm sure whatever name you and hubby choose will be just lovely inshaAllah.

I hope you are having a wonderful pregnancy!! I wish, I could be there for you and see you all preggers and help you out. For now I send you all my dua'as and love. What a wonderful blessing it is to be with child, alhamdulilah.

Hope you are coping well the morning sickness can be so hard to handle sometimes.

Take care of you and bun in the oven.

Love you soo much for allah's sake. I know all us sisters will make truck loads of dua'a for you and your family inshaaAllah. <3

Ur halal beyonce LOL..jk.
Umm Layth aka Sugarplum...

Anonymous said...


Personally I LOVE

Sabriyah - Patient

Because it reminds me of one of the virtues your family will need the most once this little blessing arrives.

Luck, Health and Happiness to all


umm-uwaymir said...

Salam alayki sister,your post remind me when i was expecting my daughter ,so my daughter have a sahabiya name who i think is not common her name is :Zinneerah.
The story of this sahabiyyat made me choose this name.May Allah give you a little beautiful muslima.
(Sorry for my bad english,i'm french)

Anonymous said...

Asalamu alekom, sister :)
Asiya would be my first choice :)
Mariam would be my second. InshAllah your little girl is born a healthy and happy Muslimah :)



Anonymous said... means the right side and means upright =)congrats..from razeena

Majda said...


Pixie said...

About Persian names, no my husband and I aren't Persian at all, lol, but we do like how they sound, and he knows I don't like alot of Arabic names.

Majda: hehehe, beach girl all the way, you are thinking coral, pearls, and jewels for baby names;P

Anonymous said...

Nusaybah :) a famour sahabiya :)

I about the name assiya. as far as i know, there are 2 names, very similar, that get confused alot. Assiya means 'a sinning woman' (or something like that)

but 'Aasiyah is the name of the wife of Pharoah, one of the women on Jannah (as mentioned in hadith) it is very beautiful and i love that name.

Anonymous said...

To Anon...sis you dont need to be Persian to name your child a Persian name...just like you dont have to Arab to name ur child an Arab name. LOL...we're Persian background but our son has an Arab/Islamic name...but if we ever have a girl she'll definetly be a Persian name as the girls names in Farsi are sooo...mashallah...kheili ghashangi...I'm not a huge fan of the Persian boys names...though his middle name is a famous one...but overall...the girls names are very nice sounding. I prefer the old style names too...

I'd go for Anargul...but I dunno...maybe too much...


♥ααℓiα♥ said...

She gonna be such a beautiful baby girl inshaaAllah awwww <3 Well if I was gonna pick a name I would choose "Mariya", "Salamah", "Shamsa" or some other name that sounds like "Aalia" and ends in an "ah" sound... You should name her Pixie hehe JK :-P OH and I love the name A'aisha I would nickname her "Ayooshi" xoxo

Anonymous said...

What about Niloofar, Manal, Sohaila, Rula, Ruba, Amal,

Anonymous said...

Asalaamu Alaykum, sister Pixie

My vote is for Izdihar or Sireen/Serene. I must admit, I'm living vicariously through you; Masha'allah, this must be such a happy and exciting time!

I pray Allah S.W.T. will keep you close and protect you and ease the passage of this little life into the world. Ameen!

<3 Baby-loving Anna!

huda said...

what about the names of the surahs in the quran?

bayyinah - clear evidance
ikhlas - sincerity
mujadilah - woman who examines
sajdah - prostrate

or after the attributes of Allah:

rahma - compassionate
kareema - generous
raheemah - merciful
azizah - mighty
latifah - gentle
shakurah - thankful
majeedah - glorious
nurah - light

tasneem - fountain in paradise
rayaan - gate of paradise
hasana - rewards
barakah -blessings

if none of these names work, then buy a muslim name book. i have one and used it for my 5 kids.

Anonymous said...

assalamu alaykum.

congratulations! baby girls are amazing. he he i would say that seeing that i have two.

the gate in paradise is rayyan - that's my name. i always hated having it because in my country, boys are named rayyan, but it was nice to see it recommended here.

uncommon names are nice but remember you have to call them by that name for the rest of your life. pick something that feels good to say and doesnt start to hurt the ears after a while, inshAllah.

may you have a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery!

Silence said...

salam dear sis.. Alhamdulillah.. Mabruk 'alaik.. congratulations for the good news~ i would love to suggest more about names, how about Nawwal? :) it means the gift :)