Friday, June 3, 2011

The Bride Wears Hijab is finally re-opened

Due to so many requests for me to open or invite people to the "Bride Wears Hijab" blog and "Beautiful Muslimah" I have been working on updating and fixing both blogs up. I have finally finished the bride blog;) so here is the link in case any of you forgot [Alas, any old comments could NOT be erased due to a weird blog error so if they don't make sense, that makes sense since the posts got bounced into a different order]. As for BM, I actually never planned to re-open it but to put all the posts into ILH. So I will get on that. Eventually. ;) So see what I've managed so far on the bride blog and bear with me on getting the BM stuff in here. Eventually. InshaAllah.


nina said...

assalaamu aleykum! this is not related to the post but anyways: i came across this blog and i saw many of ur posts used there. i also saw one other sister´s posts there and already told her. i felt like they might be stolen but am not sure. so maybe u want to go check it out and maybe flag it or something. much love :)

Ghazal said...

Salaam Alaikum??

Anonymous said...

Salamualaikum pixie!! So glad u re-opened the blog!! I was wondering, What would you give your brides maids, or if there are none, your closest friends who will be planning your henna party/wedding shower? i'm looking for ideas and i can't seem to find any that fit my friends well!