Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Real Life Wedding #1: Ayesha's Nikah

MashAllah. I love Ayesha's wedding pics, and her simple but lovely nikah.

If you would like to help sisters wear hijab for and plan their wedding/walimah/nikah please send your photos to


Stylish Muslimah said...

Awwww that is soo cute masha'Allah :D I'd love to marry a revert :)

Pixie said...

Stylish Muslimah: I know, they're so sweet. Hehehe, if I know any good ones I will send 'em your way. They always ask us revert girls to find them Arab or Asian sisters lol, and we're stuck with the khaleejis;)

Iman (Lifes Balance Beam) said...

Ahh so i'm happy you're doing these posts, I need help with my wedding which is in october, and It sucks that there are NO sites for muslim weddings and planning, not to mention i generally can't stand bridal hijab styles lol.

Umm Aaminah said...

Salaam sis. This is my favorite from the bunch. Why? To me, her hijab is the most appropriate and the look of tenderness and love is absolutely heartwarming.

May Allah bless their marriage, amin!

Pixie said...

Iman (Life's Balance Beam): Let me know if you need a dress. I can tailor you alot of abaya styles in white and matching hijab or I can buy a readymade white chiffon caftan that can be worn the like;) we just don't have turkish wedding dresses here.

Umm Aaminah: Me too, and the bridemaid's dresses from Shareen's wedding. Their green hijabs over their chests and loose traditional indonesian wear, very modest and so beautiful mashaAllah. But this couple look so adorable together, mashaAllah. That's why I chose them for the first post:)