Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Real Life Wedding #4: Hana's Nikah

Hana from wore a beautiful simple purple gown. I personally would love a white satin silk version of such a dress;). Not that I intend on having another wedding.

If you would like to help other sisters wear hijab for and plan their wedding/walimah/nikah please send your photos to


Anonymous said...

Beautiful dress and love the simplicity as well of how young hanna has worn it. Major lesson for us muslims, who prefer to forgo the hijaab for the wedding day. Simply Beautiful.

Adventurous Ammena said...

wow.. I love that dress.. I wonder if its an abaya.. will have to wander on over to her blog ;)

Pixie said...

Naush: Agreed:)

Ameena: She got it custom tailored.

Yasmin (Umm Zayd) said...

I absolutely love the dress (purple is my favorite color :)) and the simplicity of it and the hijab is gorgeous. This is something I would wear to my wedding. Now I just have to find a husband lol

candy olive said...


Is this Hana Tajima from Maysaa?
Wow if it is Mabrook for her on her marriage.

She's so pretty masha Allah..

Thanks for the post Pixie