Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Real Life Wedding #2: Nikah of Tanya Weeks

MashaAllah I love sisters who have their nikahs in the masjid and wear white dresses;).

If you would like to help other sisters wear hijab for and plan their wedding/walimah/nikah send your photos to


Yasmin (Umm Zayd) said...

MashaAllah, I just went to a wedding 2 weeks ago that took place in a beutiful masjid, that actually looks like the masjid in the picture..hmm.. and the bride wore white. It was a strapless dress but she had a bolero jacket made to match the dress, have to keep it hijabi friendly lol.
I never wore a wedding dress for my nikah, years ago, inshaAllah I will when I get married again.

Pixie said...

Yasmin: hehehe I wore pajamas under an abaya for my nikah. And not nice pajamas either;) but I like the mixing of cultures, like a white wedding dress (made into hijab of course) in a Masjid (not an over-priced hotel ballroom).

Anonymous said...

Assallamu ALikum ukhti elaziza,
Ive been a follower of your blog for the past week i think, and Im addicted to it! May Allah swt reward you for all your hard work that you've put into this blog, to show the other side of us hijabis :)
Ukhti, I'd like to ask you, since my knowledge in this area is acute:
If one was to have her nikah in the masjid, who does she invite? Family only, or family and close friends, or whoever she'd invite for her walima?
Plus I'm extremely attracted by the idea of holding my nikah (when i get marrieeeeeeeeeddd - ya rab let it be soon!!) in the masjid, so my other question is, what do we do other than sign the contract? Do you serve food?
Your reply would be great help my dear sister in islam <3

Yasmin (Umm Zayd) said...

I think it is best to have it in the Masjid. One it is the sunnah to not be extravagant with the nikah and spending a bunch of money on overpriced halls. To me, it seems more intimate in the Masjid, at least that's how I felt last time. I actually cried which I found funny.

candy olive said...

Asalaamu alaikum

I think nikah (the actual ceremony where contracts are signed) in masjid is better.

here in Southern Africa, culture prevails over what is allowable in Islam. And they forbid the bride to be present at the nikah.

The bride waits at home while her father (or other Wali) goes in her place to sign. THe bride signs later, like the next day..

It's not how it was done in the Prophet's time. Brides were present at the signing of the contracts (nikah). Why does culture prevail? And its a backward tradition too...

I went to my brother's wedding in the Far East, and the bride was present at her nikah in the masjid.

I wanted the same. But was told by the "MOULANA" that it was not allowed.

All these brides look so beautiful masha Allah. I hope they have happy fulfilling marriages, insha Allah.