Ramadaan Kareem!!!!

I just wanted to wish everyone of you a lovely and happy (and healthy) inshaAllah, Ramadaan. Seek the benefits of this month, and carry them with you into the new year:).


Aida Spin2liux said…
Don't say Ramadan Kariim, say Ramadan Mubarak, Because Ramadan is not kariim, Allâh is Al-Kariim."
Umm Salihah said…
Assalam-alaikam Dear Sis Pixie,
Ramadan Kareem!
May Allah (SWT) bless you and your family with good health, increased ibadah, increased rizq, tranquillity and His pleasure insh’Allah.

I love the pics in this post by the way - very pretty.
Anonymous said…
Salaam Alaykum!

Ramadan Kareem, Pixie!

Lol, hubbies name is Kareem, that always makes me smile when I hear it!

Just curious, as you are pregnant (masha'allah! :) will you be participating in the fast? I've heard opinions that go both ways about it, just wondering if you would share with us what you've found about it.

<3 Anna