Cute Ramadaan *Or* Eid Decorating Ideas

I thought I'd do a post on decorating for Ramadan since I haven't had time to write an Islamic post, and I leave sisters who can actually cook to write iftar recipe posts. But one thing I CAN do... I decorate. For me, when I lived in a non-Muslim country and there weren't alot of Muslims around, it helped to get me into the spirit. And I think, if you have children who are younger and not fasting, it is one way to make them get into the spirit of the holiday without over comercializing it, and helping them contribute to it. I saw this "gift cookie" on and thought it was such a great idea to give dawah about what Ramadan is about for neighbors, co-workers ect. Having your kids give them out to your neighbors is a cute idea. It is a card you can print out from their website and the back of the card explains what Ramadan is and what the purpose is. As Muslims we are supposed to care for our neighbors, Muslim or not. This is a sunnah.Decorating with hanging cookies? I would DEFINATELY DO this for Eid morning for my kids (which I am waiting on at the moment, but next year, InshaAllah;) ).A great Eid or Ramadan craft project for adults OR kids, is to write little Ramadan and Eid Mubarak cards. I love to save scraps of fabric, wrapping paper, and card stock, for these sort of things, and as a Muslim, it is a duty to us to tell someone if they mean something to us. For me, I tend to do this clearer and in writing. These cards are easy for kids to cut and glue together, and they also make cute places for kids to write "ramadan reminders", i.e ayat & hadith, for friends and family.In our house we use a centerpiece of real Arabic glass lanterns, but if you don't have these, these are really cute and easy to make, from kids to teens. It makes the kids feel special to come home from taraweeah salat and see a lantern outside on the front step to greet them.And if you happen to use squashes, gourds, melons, or pumpkins to make desserts, foods, and snacks, during the holy month, don't waste them, they make beautiful lanterns if you carve them and put votive candles inside! My family LOVE pumpkin seeds, pumpkin pie, and orange and pumpkin soup, so if pumpkins are cheap and in season, I indulge.And even though I haven't baked desserts of any kind this Ramadaan, I had to include blogger Umm Khaled's absolutely adorable Ramadan pie!

More cute Ramadan food presentation ideas. I especially love the sandwich cut with the cookie cutter. My oldest stepson is practicing fasting for the first time this year, and he usually breaks his fast by noon. This sandwich would be so cute to give to him along with a great healthy Ramadan classic recipe soup;) ----there are so many but I am a fan of harira for life!!!!Make these weeeellllll before Ramadan, but if you don't have a traditional Arabic tea or coffee pot, why not make these ADORABLE tea cosies????????Definately for Eid it is a tradition to give sadaqah and gifts to those in need, those who live close to you, and those you love. I love when kids take toys of theirs that are brand new but that they don't play with, wrap them up, and give them to other kids! Us adults, tend to give food and candies, and money.

Have any leftover decorations from weddings, graduations, ect, or your non-Muslim Christmas days? So long as they aren't pagan, re-use them. I resuse the blown glass Christmas bulbs because they have a sentimental meaning for me, but aren't pagan-in-origin like the Christmas tree or angel ornaments ect. And they look so pretty put into bowls or hung from the ceiling:D

Paper streamers, signs, and streamers are very pretty and easy to make. Have kids record all ayaat and hadith on different peices of paper and then string them together to form a garland! Those are all my fave ideas so far.

visit for more creative Islamic-based crafts;)


khadija said…

Thanks for linking to the Ramadan Joy blog. Could you please send me your email address so that I can email you?

Khadija said…
I saw with the last comment that I left that you preview your comments so there is no need to send your email as I will just share my thoughts here.

If you would like to use my photo please credit Barakah Life and for the crafts please credit Ramadan Joy?

Thanks so much.
Khadija O'Connell
nida said…
those are some lovely decoration ideas - masha'Allah :). Thank you for sharing. I hope your pregnancy is going well, insha'Allah you are well too sis :).
Anonymous said…
Masha'Allah, how beautiful these decorations are. Very inspiring. Thank you for posting them. I hope you're having a blessed Ramadan.
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