Eid Mubarak: and my Eid outfits

Eid Mubarak everyone, sorry I haven't had time to post anything of much import recently. I hope you are all having a safe and happy Eid weekend. I am, alhamdulilah. Just thought I'd share my Eid outfits this year as I haven't done a good fashion-ey post in a while. Not that I am am that fashionable at the moment lugging my watermelon of a pregnancy around. Thus the abayas raas which does hide the new curves I've gained for the most part. I got it embroidered in gold with a bisht style which I just love.
My Eid house dress was an Omani traditional one I sewed myself. It is worn around women for visiting only, but is hijab on top because the doors of rooms are open and men might walk by in the halls.My other Eid dress is a white jalabiyia we got from a Syrian vendor in an exhibition stall. My husband really likes white dresses and I am good at bartering and it fit my price range so it became Eid dress number two for the second day of the holiday. There is also a third holiday Eid day in Oman but for that I wear regular abaya as it involves going to areas around non-family members and what not and I wear niqab anyways soooooo.... but so far we are all having a great time and I have eaten too much steak/mishakeek.

How was your Eid?


Anonymous said…
Will u sell things like this on beautifulmuslimah blog? would be popular.
Beautiful mashallah
Anonymous said…
As salam ahlaykom wa rahmatollahi.
Thank you for all your posts, I find your blog very interesting.
I presume to comment beacause I'm kind of the first GORGEOUS Eid Abaya (black & gold), and I really really want to know where I can procure it.

Can you share a website please.
Barak Allaho fiki

Lovely, Rachida from France

PS: Alf mabrok to you and your husband for the baby ;)
LeLy said…
Salaam sis, I know this is an older post and I came across it by google image search, but I was wondering how do you drape your hijab? It's so beautiful!