Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Asalaam alaykom ramatullahi wa barakato ladies,

Please forgive my absence. I have been hosting guests, getting ready for the baby (on my budget everything is a do-it-yourself project), and just been rather tired from the pregnancy. I am like a turtle. When I am on my back, I can't get up without rolling over to my side and getting up on my hands and knees. TOTALLY awesome. The whole ordeal is very tiring. So mentally, I haven't been up to writing anything worth reading research-wise. And stylistically beyond trying to decorate the nursery with what I already have on hand? I have gone from a size 0 to a size fourteen because of my belly and since the weight gain is majority from the baby I don't see the point of buying any new clothes when my shape is going to change dramatically in a week or two.

Good news? I HAVE been cleaning up "Beautiful Muslimah" blog and will re-open it. "I love Hishma" will be integrated into BM, and then I will close Ilove Hishma and only BM and the Bride Wears Hijab blogs will run.

Let me know what you think?

Don't worry, you won't loose any of the existing content in the switch.

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Anonymous said...

just wondering how i can view your "beautiful muslimah" blog i really enjoy reading your blog though i just came across it mashAllah really really find it all helpful!!!